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The Exercises Alison Brie Is Doing to Train for GLOW Season 2

Photo: Isaiah Trickey/Getty Images

Alison Brie is gearing up for season 2 of GLOW, and if her workouts are any indication, she's just as dedicated to her role as her character is. Just take a look at the weightlifting video she recently posted on Instagram.

In the video, Brie does 80-lb split squats and weighted bear crawls. "You can see the pain on my face!!" she wrote. (Julianne Hough has been training hard for a role, too.) She's right—the workout definitely does not look painless.

Brie has put a lot of work into getting in shape for the part of Ruth from the start of the hit Netflix series. She had no wrestling experience going into the show, but trained with pro wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr. and performed all of her own stunts, reports the New York Post. Back when Brie was getting ready for the first season, her trainer Jason Walsh had her cranking out 11 consecutive pull-ups, giving him piggybacks, and pulling him on a sled.

Considering how quickly she was able to learn to wrestle for the show, it's no surprise she likes to go all out in the gym. Here are more seriously strong celebrities who love to lift heavy.


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