"I don't deprive myself. I enjoy vacations. I enjoy holidays. And I don't guilt myself for doing so."

If you've ever scrolled through Anna Victoria's Instagram, you know that the trainer is pretty authentic. Case in point: Her gram about those "flawless" fitness photos you see all over social media and the time she got real about stomach rolls. Overall, the creator of Fit Body Guides emphasizes the importance of eating clean while maintaining a solid workout regimen-but more importantly, she's a role model for making wellness a bigger part of everyday life.

And to do that, balance is key. She shared how it's taken her a while to get back on track after the holidays, but she won't let it set her back.

"Do I look back at this picture and others and think I 'ruined' progress? No. Absolutely not. Because those moments, relaxing with family and friends and not caring about what I ate equated to beautiful memories and simply living life," she wrote alongside a sweaty mirror selfie she took before the holidays.

She added that the moment "balance" gets closer to 100/0, a healthy lifestyle starts to become too much of an obsession. "100/0 is no balance at all," she wrote. "Enjoying time with your family and friends is so so important, as is letting loose for a bit to refill your cup. When asked how I stay on track year round, this is how. I don't deprive myself. I enjoy vacations. I enjoy holidays. And I don't guilt myself for doing so (if anything I wish I could rewind and do it all over again). But, I also kick while in my regular routine, too. Both are equally important in a healthy lifestyle."

Even though we all want to crush every goal starting January 1, it can be difficult to get back into a regular routine. "It's HARD to get back to that grind because my taste buds want more and more of all those cookies and pie and candied yams and...pizza," she confessed. "But I know that I had my fill. My stomach and heart don't feel like it, [but] my mind knows better. Now it's time to eat according to my goals. To fuel and nourish my body. To work towards increasing my strength and improving my endurance. I'm not wanting to get back to this in terms of looks, I want to get back to this in terms of how I felt. STRONG. ENERGIZED. Healthy. Who's with me?" Count us in.