She even did a mini dance afterward to celebrate.

By Faith Brar
October 10, 2019
Emma McIntyre/Staff/Getty Images

Ariel Winter has been focusing on the positives in life lately. She recently opened up about learning to put her own happiness first and disregard the opinions of others, especially given her experiences with body-shaming and online bullying.

For Winter, part of that change means making health a priority—and this week, she gave fans a rare glimpse into how she stays strong in the gym.

In an Instagram video, the Modern Family actress showed off her impressive strength while doing weighted sumo squats and deadlifts. While standing on two weight benches to increase her range of motion, Winter is seen flowing through the movements with ease, then celebrating after the fact with some adorable floss skills.

"I know I missed #motivationmonday so here is #tuesdaymotivation with @mackfit," she captioned the video. "I am never the most excitedddd person to go to the gym, but feeling healthier and seeing the work you put in pay off really makes it worth it. Also... @mackfittraininggym is a BOSS and keeps reminding me of my booty goals."

Winter's booty isn't the only part of her body being put to work in this video. Sumo squats and sumo deadlifts activate plenty of other muscles.

Sumo squats, for instance, are considered to be the best squat exercise for your inner thighs. "The sumo squat is a great lower-body strength exercise that emphasizes the muscles of the inner thigh, as well as the glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves," Lisa Niren, head instructor for Studio, previously told us.

It's a killer move for your abs, too. "Based on your core strength, you might find the sumo squat adds a challenge to your balance because your body is in a different alignment and needs extra stability to keep from moving forward and back on the heels," Niren said. (Related: Why Ariel Winter "Regrets" Some of Her Clap Backs On Social Media)

Sumo deadlifts, on the other hand, work your entire posterior chain (the back of your body), including your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. You can also build strength and stability in your abs while bracing your core during this movement.

If you're feeling inspired and looking to follow in Winter's footsteps the next time you're in the gym, the key is to start with light weights (or even your just your own body weight) to avoid injury until you feel comfortable with the movements. From there, you can progressively increase the load and get one step closer to being your strongest, most badass self.


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