She makes the toughest workouts seem like a breeze.

By Faith Brar
November 14, 2018
Photo: Donato Sardella / Getty Images for Magnolia Pictures

When it comes to working out, Ashley Graham doesn't mess around. The Sports Illustrated rookie is constantly serving us with major fitspo, but she recently took things up a notch during a workout session with her celebrity trainer Dara Hart. (Here's more official proof that Ashley Graham is fit as hell.)

In a video Hart posted on Instagram, Graham is seen doing a Full Body Smash Sesh that will have you feeling sore just watching it. As Hart describes it, the series of exercises helps "build strength, burn fat, and boost your metabolism"-and Graham makes it all look effortless AF when of course, it's not. (Related: 7 Butt Exercises From Ashley Graham's Trainer for a Stronger Booty)

The best part? You can easily try the workout at home if you're dying to #TrainLikeAnAshley (the trainer shared the hashtag in what we can only imagine is a subtle diss at the Victoria's Secret show's #TrainLikeanAngel.)

As Hart details in her post, the workout is made up of two circuits, each with three different exercises:​

Circuit 1: Box squats (8 reps), kettlebell hinges (8 reps), and jump squats (20 reps)​

Circuit 2: Lat pull-downs, dumbbell chest presses, and front and lateral raises (12 reps each)

Hart advises going through the circuits three to five times for the best results. (Looking for other ways to build up your metabolism? This resistance band interval workout will surely do the trick.)