Set those glutes on fire with this booty-sculpting move.

By Faith Brar

You might know Ashley Graham for being on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue or for her body-positive Instagram posts. But if you haven't noticed, the model is also strong as hell. (Seriously, just check out one of her recent workouts on Instagram. She's a total beast.)

Just when we thought her level of fitspo couldn't get any higher, she one-upped herself with a grueling butt workout from trainer Kirk Myers, founder of Dogpound in New York City. (Related: 7 Other Butt Exercises from Ashley Graham's Trainer to Build a Strong Booty)

Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, the creator of The Hollywood Trainer Club, joined Graham for the workout, including a burnout exercise to go with our 30-Day Butt Challenge featuring Jenkins herself. Check it out here:

The #ButtFinisher sequence was a series of broad jumps, with backward hops, using a resistance band between the legs. "Give it a try, 15-20reps, 2-3sets! Your booty will be on fire," Jenkins said in the post. (Sign up for our Butt Challenge newsletter to get some butt strengthening and toning moves straight from Jenkins every day!)

And if nothing else, this video proves a hard workout is wayyyy more fun with a friend, especially when you time your moves to Whitney Houston.

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