Two weeks since she announced that she's expecting, the model shared clips from a strength and conditioning workout.

By Renee Cherry
August 30, 2019
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Last week, Ashley Graham posted videos of herself doing prenatal yoga while living her best life in St. Barts. Now, she's sharing another look at one of her pregnancy workouts, albeit one from a less picturesque location. The model reposted clips on Instagram of her gym workout with her trainer Kira Stokes. (Related: Ashley Graham Is Pregnant with Her First Child)


By the looks of it, Graham is still putting in work during her pregnancy. In the first clip that she shared, she alternated between squeezing a ball between her thighs and pulsing up and down while gripping a bar for stability (not without wincing at the pain). Afterward, Graham cranked out some agility ladder drills and TRX jump squats.


For core work, Graham used a rope attachment on a cable machine set at shoulder height for torso rotations. In a jokingly "heated" exchange, Stokes told Graham to keep her shoulders down, to which the model responded "I am!" and "I'm hormonal!" (Related: Ashley Graham Wants You to Have an “Ugly Butt” When You Work Out)

Stokes also posted a clip of Graham doing kettlebell sumo squats, with a disclaimer that not all pregnant women should be doing them. "In general sumo squats are great for those expecting but as always, everyone's journey is different," Stokes wrote. "Sumo squats target the glutes/quads/inner thighs and also provide a nice hip-opening stretch."

In a final clip, Graham did bodyweight sumo squat pulses—which she turned into a dance, naturally. (Related: Ashley Graham Swears By These Anti-Aging Products for Radiant Skin)

Strength training while pregnant—with a doctor's okay and a trainer's guidance—is totally safe and can come with benefits. It looks like Graham has been taking full advantage.


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