She says it makes her feel "flexible and strong".

By Faith Brar
August 19, 2019
Credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Contributor/Getty Images

It's been less than a week since Ashley Graham announced she's pregnant with her first child. Since revealing the exciting news, the supermodel has shared a series of photos and videos on Instagram, giving fans a sneak peek into her life as a mom-to-be.

One of Graham's most recent posts shows her napping on the beach in St. Barts with her husband, Justin Ervin—serving up some serious vacation envy. "Naps are a new non-negotiable," she wrote alongside the video of herself in dreamland.

But even in the midst of relaxation mode, you can count on Graham to make exercise a priority.

You already know that Graham is a beast in the gym. She's no stranger to pushing sleds, tossing medicine balls, and doing dead bugs with sandbags, even when her sports bra refuses to cooperate. (Related: Ashley Graham Wants You to Have an "Ugly Butt" When You Work Out)

But while on vacation in St. Barts, Graham seems to be taking things down a notch with a little prenatal yoga to keep her body moving. "Feeling flexible and strong," she shared alongside a video of herself moving through a flow.

In the video, Graham is seen moving through a series of poses that includes a side bend, cat-cow, quad stretches, and downward-facing dog before ending her workout with some deep breathing and a much-needed savasana.

The mom-to-be performed similar poses this morning, which she captured on her Instagram Stories. She was even joined by her adorable hubby for some added fun. (Related: These Videos of Ashley Graham Doing Aerial Yoga Prove the Workout Is No Joke)

Credit: Instagram/@ashleygraham

It's no secret that working out is encouraged during pregnancy. But yoga, in particular, can offer lots of benefits for mamas-to-be. For starters, it's a safe and low-impact workout. But as Graham herself noted, it can also make you stronger and more flexible. (Related: How Much Exercise Should You Do While Pregnant?)

"Make no mistake: your body needs to be strong for labor," Heidi Kristoffer, a New York-based yoga instructor previously told Shape. "Holding poses for extended periods of time in a yoga class will help you get stronger in all the right places, and practice the endurance required for childbirth."

Plus, yoga encourages a fuller breath, which can help to ease discomfort during pregnancy when you're doing simple things like climbing a flight of stairs. "As your baby grows, so does the pressure and resistance against your diaphragm, impacting your ability to breathe," Allison English, a Chicago-based yoga instructor, previously shared with us. "During yoga practice, many of the physical movements help to open your chest, ribs, and diaphragm so that you can continue to breathe more normally as your pregnancy progresses."

Interested in trying prenatal yoga? Try this simple flow to help prep your body for the ~magic~ that is creating human life.


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