The supermodel filmed the first season of the fitness series when she was about six months pregnant. Now, at seven months postpartum, she's back with five days of intense, yet approachable home workouts.

By Faith Brar
Updated October 06, 2020

About a year ago, Ashley Graham debuted "Thank Bod", a YouTube fitness series created alongside her personal trainer, Kira Stokes. At the time, Graham was still a mom-to-be, and her pregnancy played a huge part in her decision to launch a workout series.

"Being a mommy-to-be, I wanted to show other women that we can still show our bodies self-love and gratitude during pregnancy, while also building our mental strength and determination," Graham told Shape in 2019. "So, in this series, we're meeting our abs, loving our booties, coming to peace with cardio, and reaching our body goals." (Related: Ashley Graham Wants You to Have an "Ugly Butt" When You Work Out)

Now, after giving birth to baby Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin, Graham is back with a brand new season of "Thank Bod."

"Last season I was very pregnant and when I filmed this season I was 7 months postpartum," Graham wrote in an Instagram post announcing the new season's launch. "After going through all those changes I wanted to show you new approachable workouts that can meet you WHEREVER you're at and help you learn to love your body."

The second season kicks off with a 5-day workout challenge, wherein each day's workout targets a different part of the body. "This is designed for you — the newbies, the professionals, the new mamas, the postpartum [folks], the pregnant mamas," Graham said in a video announcement about the new season.

First up in the 5-day challenge: a full-body workout featuring bodyweight squats, plank walkouts, high plank shoulder taps, jumping jacks, high knees, reverse lunges, marching bridges, and push-ups.

From her hilarious commentary and enthusiasm to her approachable workout modifications, Graham's "Thank Bod" challenge is a great way to reach your fitness goals.

But a physical transformation isn't the only thing Graham hopes you'll gain by following the workouts. "Your body is a vessel, and I'm a firm believer in exercising our minds, bodies, and souls," Graham told Shape in 2019. "We all have different health goals, and working out is all about strengthening yourself in healthy ways that you see fit. We are all worthy of feeling good."

Back in 2019, Graham said her workouts changed quite a bit once she became pregnant. Regardless, though, she's always continued to make her health a priority.

"I've had the blessing to work with Latham Thomas as my doula," said Graham. "Her prenatal yoga classes have helped me reclaim my calmness. I practiced yoga sporadically prior to pregnancy, but I now practice regularly. I'm still training with Kira Stokes — [I'm] jumping less, but still focused on weights and mobility exercises." (Related: Amy Schumer Opens Up About How a Doula Helped Her Through Her Complicated Pregnancy)

On the subject of body image, Graham tends to radiate positivity, sharing empowering posts on social media on the reg. But her journey toward self-love has had both ups and downs. "Throughout my pregnancy, I had to surrender to the process of my body changing, mentally and physically," she told Shape. "I can honestly admit that it was not easy embracing my pregnant body, and all of its changes, every day." (Related: The Yoga Pose Ashley Graham Has Been Doing to "Release Tension" During Her Pregnancy)

As challenging as some days are for Graham, she credits the support she's received online for both her overall positive outlook, as well as her motivation to connect with people via her YouTube fitness series.

"I've always treated my social media accounts like a community," she said. "We listen to, uplift, and empower each other. And I know that if I'm experiencing a feeling or emotion, someone else is likely having a very similar experience. The support from our community reminds me of my strength and superpowers in being a woman. It helps me to take my own advice and practice my own affirmations."


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