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Ashley Greene’s Body-Slimming Pilates Workout


Calling all Twi-Hards! Fans around the world witnessed Ashley Greene flying onto Hollywood’s hot list playing Robert Pattinson’s sister in the crazy-popular vampire saga, Twilight. With her newest movie The Apparition set to hit theatres August 24, there’s no sign of her sizzling on-screen career slowing down anytime soon!

Off screen, the Breaking Dawn beauty is devoted to staying in fighting shape. It’s well known that Greene is a Pilates fanatic, so we got the scoop on her body-slimming secrets straight from her personal trainer, Risa Sheppard.

“Ashley first came in about three years ago and I worked with her quite extensively on her form and her control,” Sheppard says. “She goes in and out of town a lot so it was important to create a regime she could do outside with her travels and on set.”

From the looks of that trim and toned bod, the Sheppard Method seems to be the perfect fit for the 25-year-old actress! Working up a serious sweat two to three days per week for 45-minute sessions, together they focus on creating proper alignment due to weakness in Greene’s lower back.

“We wanted to create a strong back and stomach, as well as flexibility within the entire body to keep her strong both physically and mentally for acting roles and other endeavors,” The Pilates master says. “It’s important to know that your mind and body work together. The more flexible you are in the body, the more flexible you’ll be in the mind.”

From a flatter stomach and raised booty to leaner, longer legs and a smaller waistline, the benefits of Pilates don’t stop there! “I call it de-clumping,” Sheppard says. “Pilates just lifts everything up! It’s long-lasting and you’ll always stay toned, but it also works so well internally. It incorporates who you are and becomes a part of your everyday life—the way you handle yourself and move. You’ll become more graceful, more controlled, and have even more confidence.”

That’s why we were thrilled when Sheppard shared a sample of Ashley’s powerful Pilates routine. Check it out on the next page!

Ashley Greene’s Pilates Workout

You’ll Need: An exercise mat, water bottle.

How it Works: The Sheppard Method is a unique blending of the body, mind, and spirit combined with Pilates principles. A Pilates workout has numerous benefits, including weight loss, strength building, improved posture, increased stamina, stronger immune system, and more flexibility.


Finding CenterFinding the Center
Finding the center improves alignment of the entire body and establishes the point of power from which all movements begin.
1. Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart. Place your right hand on your abdominals and your left hand on your lower back. Pull your navel in toward your spine.

2. Imagine that one laser beam extends from one end of your hips to the other, and another from about an inch below your belly button to about an inch above your tailbone.

3. Now imagine that where those points meet, there is a ping-pong ball with the energy of the sun, extending itself in all directions. This is your body’s center, from which all movement flows.

Peel-Up with Leg Extensions
This move teaches us to extend the legs and lengthen them from the center to create a beautiful, strong line.
1. Lie on the floor with your knees bent and together, feet flat on the floor. Place your fingertips on top of your knees. Peel your head and shoulders off the floor.

2. Inhale as you slowly extend your right leg straight out to a 45-degree angle, pulling your abs in toward the spine to keep your back from arching. Keep the distance between your shoulders and your ears. Keep your inner thighs squeezed together.

3. Exhale as you slowly return the leg to starting position. Use the air as resistance, like you’re moving through mud. Complete 8 reps with each leg, then do 8 more reps with both legs.
The Sheppard Swoop
This move facilitates rotational spinal movement, working the waist and stabilizing the upper body.

1. Go into a mermaid position on your left side: Sit tall on your hips with your left knee bent toward the front of your body and the heel in line with your pelvis. Place your right hand behind the right hip, knee bent. Extend your left arm straight up to the ceiling and place your right palm flat on the floor by your right side. Keep your hips aligned, facing forward, and think of keeping distance between your rib cage and your pelvis.

2. Begin to rotate your torso to your right, swooping your left arm across the floor and then in front of your body at chest height.
The Sheppard Swoop
3. Place your left palm flat on the floor beside you, and swoop your right arm around toward your left side as you lift your hips off the floor, keeping your eyes focused on your right palm. Slowly reverse the movement and come back to center. Complete 3 reps, and then repeat on opposite side.


Back Extension with Leg LiftsBack Extension with Leg Lifts
This exercise strengthens the back, the shoulders and upper body, and helps to improve posture.


1. Lie on the floor with your body long and straight, feet pointed, pelvis pressed into the floor. Stack your hands in front of your body, elbows bent out to the sides, your forehead rested on top of your hands.

2. Inhale, gently lifting your head and shoulders off the floor, as if your shoulder blades themselves are doing the lifting. Keep your neck elongated, as if your spine extends out past the top of your head. Bring your elbows toward your sides, a couple inches off and parallel to the floor.

3. Keep your legs squeezed together, lifting them slowly off the floor. Hold this pose for three counts, then slowly lower the legs and return the arms, head, and shoulders to the starting position.



For more info on The Sheppard Method, check out Risa’s website and connect with her via Facebook or Twitter.


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