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Audrina Patridge’s 4 Moves for a Sexy 6-Pack

The Plan

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When you live by the beach, it’s always bikini season. So how does SoCal native Audrina Patridge stay two-piece-ready all year long? With quick, do-anywhere plans like this one from her trainer, Jarett DelBene, who also helps fellow Hills alum Lauren Conrad stay in shape.

Two or three times a week, the 26-year old works up a sweat with a routine Jarett dubs “body box”: “We alternate rounds of boxing combinations that include punches and kicks with circuits of body weight–only strength moves,” he says. “It’s high intensity, so you burn lots of calories while you’re firming up. And because the exercises don’t use any gear, Patridge can stick to them whether she’s on the road or at home.”

How it works: Two or three times a week, shadowbox (using a combo of punches and kicks) or jump rope for 3 minutes. Then do 1 set of 20 reps of each move in order without resting. (To increase the calorie burn, shadowbox or jump rope for 1 minute between each set.) Repeat the entire routine once or twice.

You'll need:
 Nothing! A mat and jump rope are optional.

Cat Raise

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Works: Core

Get in plank position on forearms, elbows under shoulders, with hands in fists and palms facing each other; pull abs in tight [A].

Lift hips straight up. Hold for 2 counts, then return to starting position and repeat [B].

Not ready for such an advanced core exercise? Learn to master the basic plank for maximum results with this video breakdown.

Cross-Legged Lift

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Works: Core

Lie faceup with legs extended over hips and arms at your sides, palms on ground. Bend right knee, crossing right foot over left thigh. Keeping left leg straight, use your abs to lift hips off the ground [A].

Lower hips, then take legs down to 45 degrees off ground [B]. Raise them to starting position and repeat entire move. Switch sides (crossing left leg over right) halfway through set.

Compound Crunch

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Works: Core

Lie faceup with hands behind head, elbows out to sides and legs extended on the ground. Lift head and shoulder blades as you pull knees toward chest [A].

Lower head and shoulder blades as you slowly extend legs 45 degrees off ground, keeping abs super-tight; repeat [B].

If moves that engage the lower abs like this one result in back pain, try these standing core exercises to target those difficult to reach muscles injury-free!

Offset Bridge

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Works: Core

Lie faceup with right knee bent, foot on the ground, and left leg extended over hip. Extend arms at sides, palms on ground [A].

Push through right heel as you lift hips until body is aligned from shoulders to right knee. Lower hips until they nearly touch the ground, then repeat. Switch sides to complete set [B].

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