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Body Toning Secrets from Dancing with the Stars

Cheryl Burke: Hot Hips

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Cheryl runs and does body weight exercises to maintain her sleek and toned yet curvaceous body. When she's not on the show, she relies on jazzercise and aerobics classes to keep in top hip-shaking form.
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Chelsie Hightower: Toned Tush

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In order to keep her tush in top shape, Chelsie does a full hour of strength training 6 days a week, using high repetitions of lightweights. She also puts in 30 minutes of cardio for even more toning and tightening.
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Edyta Sliwinska: Tight Tummy

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You've got to work long and hard on toning to get abs like Edyta. She started doing hundreds of sit-ups every day at age of seven. Although she's mellowed on that with age, she still hits the gym 3 days a week, focusing on sit-ups, squats, and cardio to maintain her self-proclaimed 4-pack.

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Erin Andrews: Beautiful Back

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Erin's top toning and sculpting moves involve serious weight training when it comes to her back. Her trainer also has her do lots of push-up variations but she prefers to do them "girlie style," as she confessed to Celebrity Fitzness.
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Anna Trebunskaya: Sculpted Shoulders

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For total body toning, Anna uses the Total Gym. This machine works the entire body and can also be used for isolation exercises to target key areas like her shoulders.
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