Watch the actress do pull-ups on vertical grips like it's NBD.

By Faith Brar
August 23, 2019
Christopher Polk/Staff/Getty Images

It's virtually impossible to not have a giant fitness crush on Brie Larson. Whether she's doing upside-down indoor rock climbing, pull-ups with steel chains, or 275-pound hip thrusts, there's nothing the Captain Marvel actress can't do.

But in case anyone still doubted her badass skills, Larson recently took to Instagram to share a video of herself doing pull-ups on vertical grips with seemingly effortless ease.

"Messing around with new grips, building grip strength," she wrote alongside the video, in which she's wearing Outdoor Voices TechSweat Shorts (Buy It, $65, and a matching TechSweat Cami Tank Top (Buy It, $55,

Grip strength might seem like a random skill to be working on, but it's actually super important if you're thinking about adding more weight to your workouts. (And we all know how much Larson loves to lift heavy.)

"[Grip strength] affects most muscle groups you use and most exercises you do," Julien Pineau, a strength expert at Strongfit, an online resistance-training resource, previously told us. Ultimately, if you strengthen your grip, you strengthen your entire body, he says.

Strength is definitely not something Larson lacks, though. Her video shows her completing four pull-ups with excellent form, and you even catch a glimpse of her doing a little victory dance afterward to celebrate her set. She totally earned it, BTW: Doing pull-ups is already hard enough, but on vertical grips, it's even harder just to hold on. In traditional pull-ups, the overhand grip places your hand over the top of the bar, which helps you hold on as your entire bodyweight is suspended; when you're gripping something that's vertical, you have to squeeze just to be able to hold on. On top of that, since the grips are hanging freely, the unstable surface creates an added challenge.

There's no denying Larson is mentally strong, too. Her trainer, Jason Walsh of Rise Movement, says he loves watching self-confidence emerge from clients like Larson as they grow physically stronger:

"There's no 'I don't know if I can.' It's a thing of beauty, to see someone grow into their skin and really feel good about themselves and confident," Walsh told us in a previous interview. "Getting stronger is a psychological reinforcement. To be pain-free, to be strong, to do things outside of the scope of what you thought you could, to achieve that kind of greatness in the gym, it transfers over to everything-you're more powerful, you're more confident. It's not just looking great or lifting weight, there's this amazing mentality of being strong and confident."

Since Larson posted her video, nearly 3 million people have watched her crush this seriously tough workout move. And she's even received shoutouts from her celeb friends, including Natalie Portman, Gabrielle Union, and Anna Faris. Reese Witherspoon, however, definitely read out minds with her one-liner comment: "Whoa."

Ready to start lifting heavy like Larson? Here's how to increase your grip strength for a stronger workout.


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