Brie Larson Reminded Her Instagram Followers to Stretch While Wearing the Cutest Onesie

Here's where you can buy the workout one-piece online (hint: It's from Cassey Ho's activewear brand).

Brie Larson
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While you might be tempted to sneak out of a workout class early during the cool down or hit the trails without stretching before a run, there are a major benefits to taking the time to stretch out your muscles before and after you exercise (i.e., it reduces soreness and prevents injuries). If you need a little inspiration to slow down and stretch pre- and post-workout, take a look at Brie Larson's latest Instagram post.

The actress is known for showing off her workouts on social media (would you expect anything less from someone who plays Captain Marvel in superhero movies?). Most recently, she took a break from sharing snaps of sled pushes and clips of gravity-defying core exercises to remind her followers to make time for stretching.

"*When the hamstrings are so tight you don't want to stretch*," wrote Larson in the caption of an Instagram post shared earlier this week. The post includes four images of her stretching indoors. (Read more: The 6 Best Hamstring Stretches for Tight Muscles and More Flexibility)

First, she stretches her right quad by bending her right knee and pulling her right heel towards her right glute, holding her right foot in her right hand while balancing on her left leg. Next, Larson does a cross-body shoulder stretch, pulling her right arm across her body while her left arm cradles it in place, supporting her arm just below the right elbow. After that, she's in a wide-legged stance, bending over her right leg with her neck down to touch the ground with her fingertips, stretching her right hamstring and her lower back. Lastly, the actress balances on her left foot once again with her right foot in her right hand. This time, she has her left hand behind her head and extends her right foot back, pressing the top of her foot into her hand for a right hip flexor stretch.

While the pictures and caption are great reminders to stretch, her navy blue onesie featuring an abs-baring cut-out and corset-inspired lace-up detail can't help but steal the show. At first glance, it appears to be a regular old matching set, but a closer look reveals it's a one-piece with a completely on-trend cut-out across the mid-section.

If you're wondering where to find the celebrity-approved workout onesie, you're in luck. The brand that sells the stylish fit, Popflex Active, commented on the post, writing "*sigh* thanks for the (cutest) reminder 🧘." Yes, that's the activewear brand created by Cassey Ho of Blogilates fame. (Remember when Cassey Ho from Blogilates challenged Brie Larson to do 100 sit-ups in 5 minutes?)

Popflex Corset Onesie
Courtesy of PopFlex

Buy It: Popflex Active Corset Onesie, $95,

Made of nylon and spandex, the onesie comes with removable bra padding and an adjustable tie at the waist for a custom fit. The website also claims the leggings are squat-proof (a must!). You can shop the one-piece from the Popflex Active site for $95, but you'll have to hurry if you want to order the activewear, as some sizes are already sold out.

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