Brie Larson Does a 'Workout' Before Her Workout — But It's Not What You Think

Essentially an activation circuit, Larson's full-body routine will have your muscles primed and ready for whatever comes next.

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Whether she's crushing fictional bad guys as Captain Marvel, beasting her way through Bulgarian split squats, or scaling a 14,000-foot mountain, Brie Larson clearly kicks serious butt in and out of the gym. But sometimes, life happens and workouts fall by the wayside — even if you're a superhero (or at least play one on the big screen). In order to get back into the sweaty swing of things after a few,though, Larson recently took to YouTube to share a "super light workout" to motivate herself and followers to "start [their 2022 goals] together and get [their] bodies movin'!"

Talking to the camera from a decked-out garage gym, Larson kicks off the video by explaining that the forthcoming "super light workout" is something she does "as like an assessment thing with [herself]."

Seemingly aware that such a statement might incite some eye rolls (the internet can be a tough place, after all), she goes on to say, "Yes, yes, I am a type of person who trains before they start working with their trainer." But Larson admits she pre-trains so she doesn't "look like a total fool" once she starts working with her pro. (

As Larson demonstrates, the swift full-body routine can be done in less than six minutes flat, with the 32-year-old noting that it helps "wake everything up," especially after a long stretch of not working out. In fact, Larson even reveals she'd skipped all her planned workouts recently, adding, "I'd like to say that I'm super busy and life is getting in the way. But quite honestly I'm probably scrolling on my phone, like long enough that I could've gotten a workout in."

Not only is it quick but Laron's pre-workout session can also be done without any equipment, save for a yoga mat. What's more, it'll help you stretch, warm up your muscles to prevent injury, and even spike your heart rate all in a matter of minutes.

Beginning with a few core yoga poses, Larson steps into a plank into a cobra, before transitioning into a downward-facing dog and lifting her leg to bring it into pigeon pose. She then moves into a runner's lunge and a revolved side angle pose, which flips the classic runner's stretch by giving it a side twist, lengthening from the top of the spine down to the soles of the feet. The Oscar-winning actress makes sure to do this on both sides before doing some arm circles and kicking her legs back and forth. Next up? Cardio by way of jumping jacks, which Larson prefaces by saying "this part's going to suck but we need to get our heart rate up."

Soon enough, though, she's back on the mat — this time, for some core work, including 10 reps of hip thrusts, holding each for 20 seconds. ("You can get a lot done without any resistance," she quips. Noted.) Larson then tackles crunches, quickly moving through 15 on each side and 15 in the center, firing up her abs like it's NBD. Pausing for a quick full-body stretch, she slays some more moves, including bridges, push-ups, and weight-free bicep curls to help activate her arm muscles, before tackling some squats with her arms extended outwards to further ignite her upper body.

Larson caps it all off with some relaxing stretches — e.g. seated spinal twists, gentle lunges, seated toe touches, child's pose, among others — to help cool down before, you know, she begins her actual workout. "I feel like I say it a lot, but avoiding injury is everything because you don't get off course," she says. "So if you can just take five minutes at the end of every workout to do this [stretching], it can make a world of difference." (See also: Why You Should Never Skip Your Post-Workout Cool-Down)

These pre- and post-workout moves are important to Larson despite her busy schedule. "There's a lot going on in the world, a lot of things to care about, a lot of things to love, people to love, initiatives to love," she says. "But I've found that when I take a little bit of time for myself and when I get grounded in my body, I'm better at all of those things. I meet every moment better."

TBH, that's a vibe anyone can get behind — don't worry, that social media scroll will still be there when you're done.

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