Brie Larson and WWE Star Tegan Nox Just Proved Why You Need a Virtual Workout Buddy

In a recent video workout session, the two shared heart-to-heart conversations between sets that'll make you want to text your own fitness bestie ASAP.

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Even though you’re likely spending more time working out at home than ever before these days, having a fitness buddy — even a virtual one — might just be the best way to stay motivated (and sane) during these times. Need proof? Brie Larson and her new pal, WWE star Tegan Nox just shared their joint virtual sweat session with fans online, and their joy in the video is practically contagious.

In a video on Larson’s YouTube channel, the fierce duo teamed up for what they thought would be an “easy, off-day workout” that actually ended up leaving them both mildly breathless (with Nox quipping, “it’s a good kind of pain”). But it was their heart-to-heart conversations between sets that showed why working out with a friend (or your partner, or a family member — whoever’s down to sweat with you) can be so much better than a solo sesh, especially when COVID-19 has most of us physically distanced from our loved ones and our favorite group fitness endeavors. (

Working through a series of mobility exercises, Larson and Nox were sure to take things easy. The pro wrestler mentioned in the video that her legs were “toast” after a recent physical therapy session (she’s recovering from a torn ACL she suffered in the ring in September), and the Avengers: Endgame star said that she’s experiencing knee issues herself. “It’s such a trip to be working with our bodies, learning how to heal them, and be expressive and find joy and love and forgiveness for them while we’re growing,” said Larson. (

The pair began with a few stretches, including pectoral leans, thoracic spine reach-throughs (aka thread the needles), and seated resistance band face pulls. After loosening up, they moved on to a range of dumbbell workouts, focusing mostly on the upper body with exercises such as arm circles, biceps curls, triceps kickbacks, and lateral raises.

Of course, they crushed it from start to finish, but after watching the video, you’ll probably want to do more than just copy their routine for your next home workout. Their candid chat will have you texting your gym bestie to schedule a virtual workout together ASAP.

Larson and Nox both chatted about their respective career highlights, including Nox getting her own action figure and the heartwarming interactions Larson has had with fans as a result of playing Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. Nox, who’s worn Captain Marvel-inspired gear in the ring, even shared that Larson’s role in the film helped her come out as bisexual to her own fans — and yeah, there were definite tears from Larson during that touching moment. “I want to work really hard to create a symbol that other people can take and wear and feel powerful in,” Larson told Nox. (

So TBH, while it might feel easier to roll out of bed and work out in your living room solo, taking time to join someone — whether in a live class, a virtual workout party, or even in a safe, socially distanced outdoor workout — might just make for a more enjoyable, motivating, and supportive experience than going at it alone. (Besides, the benefits of having a workout buddy are science-backed.)

Check out the pair’s entire workout below, including their inspirational convos about self-doubt, achieving your dreams, and how it feels when hard work pays off:

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