Brie Larson Just Made Weighted Push-Ups Look Easy

Push-ups with bodyweight alone are challenging, but Larson added chains to the movement.

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Brie Larson might as well be a superhero in real life based on her fitness routine. The Captain Marvel star has been conquering one-arm pull-ups, weighted planks, and the like, sharing updates with her fans along the way. In her latest workout post on Instagram, Larson makes a set of weighted push-ups look deceptively easy.

"Let's see how this goes. Just a little exploration," Larson tells her longtime trainer Jason Walsh at the start of the video. Then she takes a deep breath and completes 10 full push-ups, all while rocking a chain around her waist. "Nothing hits quite the same as the clanking sound of chains wrapped around your body," she captioned the video. (

The purpose of adding weighted chains to push-ups isn't just to look cool, although they certainly help with that too. It can also increase tension and the intensity of the exercise, which can challenge your endurance and recruit more muscle fibers, says Sloane Davis, ISSA-certified trainer and creator of Pancakes and Pushups.

As you might've already guessed, this isn't a beginner-friendly version of a push-up. "The best way to implement chains or any type of extra weight is to first make sure that you can do a traditional pushup with perfect form," says Davis. "You should be able to do around 25 push-ups before adding a chain or any type of weight." When you're ready to add the weight, "do it slowly, and don't load too much at one time," she says.

Once you've mastered push-ups with a chain, "you can add more than one (like Larson did) for extra weight and resistance," says Davis. Form is incredibly important when it comes to working out with chains, though, so it's not in your best interest to add more weight or resistance until you can perfectly and safely complete a push-up. "There are always risks when implementing weight in bodyweight exercises as form sometimes decreases with the focus of adding more weight," says Davis. "Quality over quantity at all times when strength training."

Part of achieving proper form when working with chains is making sure they're placed correctly. "Proper placement of the chains or any weight is critical to preventing injury," says Davis. "You want the chains to be near the center of the body so that you can keep your hips elevated with proper form and so that they don't fall off." (

Larson's latest feat is impressive to watch, whether or not you have any interest in trying the exercise yourself. It's also a reminder that using the nickname "girl push-ups" for a beginner push-up modification makes zero sense.

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