The singer has been trying partner-yoga sequences with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

By Renee Cherry
October 29, 2019

If you haven't stalked Britney Spears' Instagram in a while, you've been missing out. She's been reading in her garden, biking, connecting to nature on a recent trip to Maui, and just generally feeling like a goddess. Clearly, she's living the life.

Spears has also been doing more yoga. She recently fell in and out of love with hot yoga, and she's currently having an acroyoga moment.

In a post about her latest acro and gymnastics session, she revealed that she nailed a new skill: walking on her hands up and down a set of stairs. (Related: Britney Spears Is Our Ultimate Summer Workout Inspiration)

Last week, Spears posted a similar video, showing herself doing back-bird, handstand walks, back handsprings, and back walkovers.

"It's been exactly a year today since I've done," she captioned the video. "Such a beautiful day to play outside and work up a sweat with the help of this mate !!!" (Related: Britney Spears Has Been Wearing These Cushy Workout Sneakers for Years)

Spears' background in gymnastics no doubt adds to her acroyoga abilities. Both require balance, stability, and flexibility. They sometimes use similar transitions, too, which is why a flier flipping through the air in acroyoga might remind you of a gymnast completing a tumbling pass.

Whether she's enjoying an outdoor yoga session or challenging herself to run another 15 minutes on the treadmill, Spears always makes exercise seem like an absolute joy. BRB while we Google the nearest acro studio.


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