There's something so mesmerizing about watching the legendary pop star do her thing in the gym.

By Julia Malacoff

If you've ever wondered how Britney Spears stays fit enough to perform those marathon concerts almost nightly in Vegas and look like *that* while wrangling two kids, you'll easily find the answer on Instagram. We know she can get down on the dance floor like crazy (remember that totally enthralling video of her dancing to Meghan Trainor's 'Me Too'?), but over the past couple of months, Brit has been posting peeks into her workout routines-and the moves she does are surprisingly relatable. Some of our favorites:

1. ViPR Step Up Knee Raise

You may have seen these long hollow tubes at your gym before, but lots of people aren't totally sure what to do with them. Here's an idea you can definitely try: this step up knee raise while holding the ViPR overhead. Britney's using a basic aerobic step, but as you get better at the move you can graduate to higher boxes if you choose. (If you're still thinking "WTF do you do with a ViPR at the gym?," we've got you covered.)

2. Handstand Walk

If you're a CrossFitter, you probably recognize this exercise, which takes serious balance and coordination to successfully complete. Not only are you holding a handstand, but you're also walking on your hands at the same time. It's a tough gymnastic skill to master, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be having as much fun as Britney is in this video. (Want to master the regular handstand pose first? Here's a step-by-step guide.)

3. Bicep Curls and Thrusters

Looks like Britney is doing strength training on the reg, which is awesome because it helps prevent injury, keeps your bones healthy, and burns a ton of calories. Here she's using a body bar to do some simple bicep curls, followed by thrusters, a move where you do a squat to an overhead press in one fluid motion. If you're looking for that metabolic burn, you'll find it with this exercise.

4. Yoga Handstand

Brit really loves her handstands, and she may be onto something. Handstands actually have some pretty amazing health benefits, like improved stability and arm strength. Using a wall to work up to a full handstand is also a great modification for those who are newer to the pose. Plus, the star's long-term dedication to yoga is really admirable, and it sounds like it gives her the same kind of peace of mind and body confidence that makes others love the practice. In her caption she says, "Owning my temple, my body, through yoga." (For more of her moves, check out Britney Spears' yoga workout.)

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