Britney Spears Says She Plans to Do "a Lot More" Yoga In 2020

She's also working on improving her running speed.

Britney Spears is letting fans in on her 2020 health goals, which involve doing more yoga and connecting with nature.

In a new Instagram video, Spears showcased some of her yoga skills, sharing a series of moves that she said help to open up her back and chest. "In 2020 I will be doing a lot more acroyoga and the basics for yoga," she wrote alongside the video, which shows her flowing through Chaturanga (or plank to four-limbed staff pose), upward facing dog, and downward facing dog. (Here's how to transition between yoga poses with grace.)

"I'm a beginner and it's kind of hard to let go…. learning to trust and letting someone else hold your body," continued Spears. "I have a lot of things I keep bottled up so I have to keep my body moving." (

The benefits of yoga are hard to refute. The exercise, which combines deep, meditative breathing with slow, strengthening movements, is incredibly healthy for both the body and mind. Some upfront perks include improved flexibility and balance, better muscle tone, and a calmer mental state.

But the practice can offer some less-obvious benefits, too. Certain poses can potentially improve your immune system, ease PMS and cramps, boost things in the bedroom, and more. Yoga can even sometimes help those living with chronic pain conditions, like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a rare connective tissue disorder related to fibromyalgia that causes extra-elastic skin and overly flexible joints. (Take this woman's incredible story about the healing power of yoga as an example.)

Acroyoga, another of Spears' yoga-related passions, additionally provides the benefits of touch, which has been linked to decreased heart disease risk and lower stress levels. (

In her post, Spears also shared the fulfillment she feels being outside in nature. "Thank God for Mother Nature," she wrote. "She's really no joke. She grounds me and helps me find my feet and always opens my mind when I step outside. I was lucky today with this beautiful weather." (

In addition to practicing more yoga in 2020, Spears also expressed interest in improving her running skills. Before starting the yoga sesh she shared on Instagram, Spears said she ran a 100-meter sprint at a 6.8 pace in her yard. She felt pretty thrilled with the accomplishment, considering she ran at a slower pace in high school, she explained in her post. "I'm trying to gain speed," she added. (Inspired? Here's a fat-burning track workout that's anything but boring.)

Spears ended her post by wishing her fans a happy new year—and poking fun at her workout outfit of choice: "I'm so cool with my tennis shoes and yoga," she wrote. "It's the new thing, you know?"

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