Find out how the Hollywood stunner rocks a teeny bikini with confidence.

Hollywood stunner Brooklyn Decker is a model muse when it comes to rockin' any tiny two-piece, but it's her attitude about fitness we love the most!

The actress and former Sports Illustrated cover model has often been very vocal about her health in the press, admitting she has to really work at it. While good genes obviously play a role in her fabulous figure, it's refreshing to hear she's struggled with weight and body issues just like the rest of us.

Despite a crazy busy schedule (she appears in two upcoming star-studded flicks, Battleship and What to Expect When You're Expecting), the sizzling star attributes dancing, running, and kayaking as some of her favorite ways to stay in tip-top shape-and have fun at the same time.

With a hubby like superstar athlete Andy Roddick as inspiration, it's no surprise Decker focuses on how strong her body is rather than how thin.

"She is very coordinated and likes to push. Brooklyn works hard and has fun while she's at it," says veteran celebrity trainer Jade Alexis, who worked with the sexy supermodel-turned-actress for an Elle Magazine workout DVD.

So how can we rock our curves-and confidence-in an itsy bitsy bikini like Decker? Alexis reveals that the secret to a strong, lean, toned but curvy body all starts with a balanced, healthy diet.

"I'm not a fan of diets, so I encourage people to practice eating habits that can be maintained," she says. "In an effort to lose weight, one might consider eating vegetarian or a vegan-based diet. Portion control is key. To maintain weight, it's important to be consistent and don't overeat."

In addition to proper portion control, Alexis recommends taking a fresh juice with greens daily and making sure you get enough calcium, vitamin D, folic acid, and B12.

As for workouts, Alexis says both strength training and cardio is a must. "Cardio will keep you lean, strength training will keep you strong and toned."

In preparation for the DVD, Alexis and Decker did a series of cardio circuits, mixing drills, and movements from basketball, soccer, tennis, and boxing. "Brooklyn is very athletic and picked everything up quickly, especially the boxing!" Alexis says.

There's no question this type of total-body cardio training will get the heart rate up and burn some major calories, while toning the legs, shoulders, and arms at the same time. Check out one of the routines Alexis did with Decker on the next page!

Brooklyn Decker's Fat-Burning Cardio Workout

You'll need: Jump rope, exercise mat

How it works: This 20- to 30-minute workout combines cardio with leg, core, and arm toning. Rest 30 to 60 seconds between each exercise. When you finish the last move, rest for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat the entire circuit again. Complete five sets total.

Step 1: Jump Rope (100 jumps)

Step 2: Burpees (10 reps)

Step 3: Jumping Jacks with 3-lb weights (25 reps)

Step 4: Mountain Climbers (10 reps)

Step 5: Squat Jumps (10 reps)

For more great workout tips, follow Alexis on Twitter or check out her fitness apps "Jade of Spades" and "20 Down."