Camila Cabello Straight-Up Crushed This Challenging Plank Circuit — and with a Smile

Cabello's trainer recently shared a series of Instagram Stories in which the singer sweats her way through an equipment-free core routine you're going to want to steal.

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Ah, the good old plank. Love it or hate it, there's no denying that it's are a fierce, full-body move that fires up your core, lights up your lower body, and engages your upper body like no other. It's also one of the most versatile exercises on the block. And if anyone is familiar with the many perks of planks, it seems to be Camila Cabello, who just tackled three different variations with a smile (yes, a smile!).

On Wednesday, Cabello's trainer, Jenna Willis, shared some snippets of their joint workout session on her Instagram Stories, in which Cabello powers through, in Willis' words, a "5 min upper body & #abfinisher" using only her bodyweight. But let's be clear: Equipment-free does not mean sweat-free or even close to easy for that matter. (ICYDK, Willis recently dished about Cabello's workout style to Shape.)

In the first clip, Willis pans the camera over to her client as she says, "Ooh, this one's no joke, y'all," before adding the type of fun coaching most people likely wish they had during a workout, "Ooh, girlie, pop!" Meanwhile, a very concentrated Cabello keeps on "crushing" a move Willis refers to as "up down plank jacks," which essentially combine an army crawl and plank jank at the same time. Beginning in a straight-arm plank with her palms directly beneath her shoulders, Cabello lowers one arm at a time until she's in a forearm plank — all while she simultaneously is jumping her feet in and out as if doing a lower-body jumping jack.

Next, Cabello takes on what Willis calls a "plank reach foot tap." She starts off in a straight-arm plank and raises one arm at a time. The singer then pikes her hips up toward the sky, bringing the same arm back to touch the opposite foot before doing the same motion on the other side for 40 seconds. This exercise involves balance, control, and stability, as you want to avoid flailing your arms while keeping steady control through your core, legs, and upper body. It's intense, but Cabello nails it, with Willis cheering on from the sidelines, "Yes, girl. Beautiful. Yes. The more you reach, the more you feel." (

To finish 'er off, Cabello does a "plank saw," which ups the ante on the classic forearm plank. In this variation, the Grammy winner slides her body forward and backward, keeping her toes flexed and back flat (read: no arching or sagging) as she creates a, well, sawing motion with her body. The goal here? To channel strength through her core, glutes, hamstrings, and quads to keep everything in a straight line. And while this one might look simple, it's a muscle-burner through and through; it ignites all the major muscle groups as Cabello successfully steers clear of swaying side to side or dipping in the lower back.

Is it just me or is your core also aching after watching Cabello conquer this challenging circuit? Well, if you didn't feel the burn via transitive property just yet, you will once you learn the following: Willis recommends doing each move in this triple-threat routine for 40 seconds, taking 20 seconds to rest in between, and repeating the entire thing twice or until you hit that five-minute mark. It's a fast, fiery AMRAP workout (that's "as many reps as possible," FYI!) that kicks boredom to the curb and requires only a mat and a little wiggle room. TBH, there's nothing better than that. (Next up: Try Rita Ora's intense AMRAP workout while you're here too.)

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