Camila Mendes' Fast Footwork Is So Mesmerizing You'll Think It's Magic

The Riverdale star just proved that she’s the unofficial master of agility drills.  

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If you've ever tried some unconventional moves during an at-home workout session (because, hey, no one's watching anyway), odds are you'll be living for Camila Mendes' latest video. The Riverdale star recently took to Instagram Stories to share a snippet of her fast-paced exercise routine with, in her words, "a theatre kid twist." And even though the mesmerizing move might look a little bonkers, it can actually be aces for testing balance, agility, and spiking your heart rate within minutes.

Sharing a clip of herself in front of a mirror, Mendes manages to make great use of the seemingly limited floor space as she moves (at what looks like the speed of light), in and out of a single, hexagon-shaped agility ring (Buy It, $33 for six, that lies beneath her. The 27-year-old actress enthusiastically steps laterally into the hexagon with one foot and then immediately steps outside of the ring with the other, tackling the Ickey Shuffle — but with a spin. See, the self-described "performative child" makes sure to infuse a little theatrical energy by serving up some serious spirit hands as she pulls off the rapid routine. (

Sports fans will likely recognize Mendes' swift shuffle, as the routine was made famous by former Cincinnati Bengals fullback Elbert "Ickey" Woods. Every time Woods scored a touchdown during the team's 1988 season, he'd perform a celebratory jig in the end zone that featured, yup, the same footwork seen in Mendes' Story. With a football in his hands, the athlete would shuffle his feet right and left before hopping three times and spiking the ball into the ground.

And while Woods' rendition was definitely a bit, err, slower — to the point that another former NFL star once described it as something "your grandma could pretty much do...with a walker" — a sped-up variation such Mendes' can actually double as a challenging cardio drill. Not only does it crank your rate heart (and, in turn, increase calorie burn), but it also forces you to focus intensely on each step, thereby engaging your brain and, ya know, helping you avoid accidentally tripping over your own feet. Agility drills such as the Ickey Shuffle can also help improve speed and coordination as you speedily shuffle in a side-to-side motion, requiring you to move with precision, power, and balance. (Read more about why agility drills are one of the exercises you need to be a better athlete.)

The end result? A shit ton of sweat — as evidenced by Mendes' steamy, post-workout selfie that she also shared on her Instagram Story. In addition to showing off her sweat-drenched forehead (👏🏻), the star's second snap also offers a closer look at her pink workout top, which she paired with the Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant (Buy It, $98, in classic black. And although Mendes didn't share specifics as to her tank, the pastel piece looks a whole lot like the Athleta Warrior Longline Bra (Buy It, $54,

Cute ensemble aside, however, Mendes is clearly a master of furiously fast footwork — so much so that if you blink, you might miss her moves.

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