Camila Mendes' Ab Muscles Are Literally Twitching In This Core Workout Video

You can hear her trainer swooning over the actor's "abs of steel."

Camila Mendes on the set of Busy Tonight
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Camila Mendes doesn't always share fitness posts on social media. But when she does, they're impressive AF. Over the holiday weekend, the Riverdale star posted a series of videos on her Instagram Story that show her crushing a set of dumbbell renegade rows in a bear stance — a full-body workout that'll make you sore just watching.

In the videos, it's clear that Mendes is struggling to power through the moves, but she still manages to complete her set (with perfect form, no less). In the background, you can hear Mendes' trainer, Andrea "LA" Thoma Gustin, cheering her on. "Your abs right now — abs of steel," Thoma Gustin says as she zooms in on the muscles twitching across Mendes' stomach. (

If you think this workout looks hard, that's because it is. Dumbbell renegade rows are a compound movement that fire up a number of muscles in your body, says Beau Burgau, a certified strength and conditioning specialist (C.S.C.S.) and founder of GRIT Training. Primarily, the exercise works your upper body, especially your lats, biceps, and upper back, explains Burgau. But the bear stance, which requires you to hover your knees above the ground, also activate your quads and core — both of which help you stabilize, he adds.

While the exercise doesn't necessarily pass as a cardio move, it'll still rev up your heart rate since it tests both endurance and strength, notes Burgau. "Holding the position isometrically, even without the weight, is enough to get your heart pumping," he explains. "When you add dumbbells to the mix, you'll definitely get your sweat on." (

Along with stability, engaging your core is key when it comes to maintaining form during this exercise, says the trainer. "Your core should be engaged so that your back is completely flat," explains Burgau, noting that Mendes "nails" the form in her videos. "Her form is what you should be aiming for," he says.

Your hips and shoulders should also remain square, and swaying side to side is a big no-no, adds Burgau. "If you're making these basic form mistakes, you're likely using too much weight," he says. "There's no shame in starting small and building your way up." (Here's how to fix your exercise form for better results.)

To work your way up to the movement, Burgau recommends starting with seated upright rows using a resistance band. Then, once you feel strong enough, you can graduate to dumbbell bent-over rows, using a bench for assistance if needed, he adds. If by that point, you still don't feel ready for Mendes' version of the workout, another way to modify is by simply dropping your knees to the ground instead of hovering them, suggests Burgau. (

Overall, the best thing about this exercise is that it's super versatile — in fact, Burgau says it deserves a spot in all of your workouts. "I personally love incorporating this move into my classes when I'm focusing on strength training, but also during HIIT workouts," he explains. "But if you really want to maximize results, it's a great exercise to add to a day where you're focusing on full-body strength or doing an upper-body workout that's focusing on the back and the biceps."

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