These two remain committed to training together even from opposite ends of the country.

By Faith Brar
February 15, 2017
Candace Cameron Bure and Trainer Kira Stokes Are #FitnessFriends Goals

Despite a seriously hectic filming schedule, Candace Cameron Bure still manages to squeeze in a workout-even if it's a quick 10-minute sweat sesh. (Here are the best workouts for the time you have, whether that's just a quick minute or half an hour.)

But on the few days that she has an hour to kill, the Fuller House actress says one of the first things she does is FaceTime her trainer Kira Stokes because she can't imagine training with anyone else.

Bure, who was previously training in person with Stokes when she was based in New York, now spends most of her time traveling between Vancouver and L.A. filming Fuller House and a new film for Hallmark. But with a real commitment to staying active, the actress told People that she's "in the best shape of [her] life" at 40 years old.

She owes that feeling, at least in part, to Stokes, whose workouts have helped the actress stay on top of her fitness game. "Our workouts incorporate strength training with cardio, plyo work, and balance," Bure tells People. "What's so specific about Kira is the order of the moves that she does that complement one another, which really makes a huge difference in her workout" [designs].

Stokes has been training Bure using her signature Stoked Method, which is a "high-intensity training system with a focus on mindful, functional flow of movement," Stokes tells People. But when it comes to training Bure, the woman (who is behind our 30-day plank challenge for a strong core and the 30-day arms challenge for toned arms) designs circuits that focus specifically on strength, cardio, and core work.

"She jumps rope in between each circuit while I educate and demo her on the next circuit so she rarely stops moving," said Stokes. "The great thing about Candace is she's a very self-motivated person. She is so game for everything and she loves challenges." Sounds like these ladies are the ultimate #gymbuddy goals.

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