Celebrate National Dance Day With Celeb Dance Moves That Get You Fit


July 30th is National Dance Day! We all know that dancing is a fabulous way to tone up and slim down. But, according to dance fitness guru Ilyse Baker, there are some specific exercise dance moves that do more shaping than others. And Baker would know -- she's worked with celebs like LeAnn Rimes, Rihanna and Cheryl Burke. Read on for celebrity dance moves that get results!

5 Exercise Dance Moves for a Celebrity Body


1. Get Beyonce's Bootylicious Butt. To get a booty like Beyonce's, Baker says to try her "Bump up the Butt" routine. Start with your feet hip width apart and place your hands on your hips. Then, bend your knees, and in a scooping action, shift your hips to the right as you straighten and squeeze your butt cheeks together. Then repeat to the left side.

"This move will leave you with one tight derrière and hot moves for Saturday night!" Baker says.


2. Get Abs Like Rihanna. For killer abs like Rihanna has, try Baker's "Rockin Roll Abs" move. Place your legs hip width apart, soften your knees, tuck your pelvis forward and engage your core. Pump your arms, and thrust your pelvis forward to your favorite tunes.

"Try doing this exercise for 5 minutes to your favorite song and you will be smiling all the way to your 6-pack abs," Baker says. "This move works your entire midsection, and the best part is that you do not do a single crunch on the floor."


3. Get Guns Like Madonna. To get Madonna's fierce arms, try playing the follow the "leader game," Baker says. First, push your arms out to the sides of the room nice and strong. Then, pull your hands into your chest then drop your elbows down to the floor, fingertips shooting up towards the ceiling, and push away back to your starting position. Keep this movement strong and in control for maximum results.

"Put on your favorite tunes and do this exercise repeatedly until you feel the burn," she says. "You will achieve an all over arm workout, your core will feel strong, and you will be ready for that sleeveless top in no time."


4. Get Rockstar Calves. "We all want those strong, sexy, killer calf muscles that look perfect in our stilettos," Baker says.

To get them , she recommends "The Stiletto Strut." Grab your hottest pair of heels and find a long hallway to walk the walk. Place your right leg back to start, and slowly cross one leg at a time as you travel across the room.

"Each move should be slow -- but precise -- so you can feel your core, calves and legs engaging," she says. "You can spice it up with some shoulders, arms and attitude. Your posture will improve, your core will be tight and you will look the part to walk the red carpet."


5. Do Cardio Like Usher. For a killer cardio workout, all-over burn and a body like Usher, try Baker's "Torso Twist Pump."

Start with your feet together, arms hip-hop styled at chest level. Then jump up then land with soft knees, twisting your torso in a downward motion to the right, repeating to the other side. As you continue to do this move over and over again, remember to keep pumping your chest forward to grasp the funky flavor, she says.

"Try different types of music for tempo changes," Baker says. "This will keep your heart pumping and your body grooving."

What are you waiting for? Get to dancing!

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