Gal Gadot and Michelle Rodriguez's Trainer Shares His Favorite No-Equipment Partner Workout

The fitness pro knows what it takes to get some of the biggest names in Hollywood ready to kick some ass on set and in life.

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There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to fitness, but it's safe to assume that a workout befitting Wonder Woman herself would be a good option for anyone to consider. Gal Gadot, star of the superhero franchise and all-around wellness enthusiast, trusts her training to one man: Magnus Lygdback, the personal trainer and nutritionist also responsible for getting Ben Affleck into fighting shape for Justice League and for motivating A-listers including Katy Perry and Harry Styles in the gym.

This summer, Lygdback is partnering with Michelob ULTRA to inspire non-celebs to get active through a program called ULTRA Beer Run, which allows exercisers to cash in their miles, squats, planks, and more for free adult beverages — sounds like a win-win. And below, he's also sharing an exclusive buddy workout designed for anyone looking to amp up their routines with some Wonder Woman-esque power moves.

"This is a full-body partner workout — no equipment needed — that can be done anywhere with enough space to move around," says Lygdback. "These partner workouts are about coaching and helping each other. It's not a battle between you and your partner. You should put in as much resistance as you need but remember that it's not about winning! That's the key to a successful partner workout." (

Ready to find your superpower? Grab a pal and get to work with this celeb-inspired, expert-created, no-nonsense workout.

No-Equipment Partner Workout

How to do it: Do each move in the first circuit for the number of reps indicated. Repeat the circuit three times total with one minute of rest between rounds. Then, move onto the next circuit and repeat. Note: While you'll perform every exercise together with your partner, not all exercises require a partner to complete.

What you'll need: Nada, which is exactly the point.

Circuit 1

Walking Lunge

A.Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

B. Step forward with the right foot and bend knee into a 90-degree angle, coming into a forward lunge.

C. Push off with right heel to return to standing position. Repeat, stepping forward with the left foot. Continue to alternate legs as you "walk" forward.

Do 20 reps total; 10 per side.

Hand Clap with Knee Tuck

A. Start in high-plank position, with palms on floor directly under shoulders, core tight. Partners should be facing each other.

B. Reach left hand out to high-five partner's right hand. While reaching left arm forward, tuck right knee into chest to engage core.

C. Reset hand and foot. Repeat on the opposite side, extending right arm forward and tucking left knee. Continue to alternate.

Do 20 reps.

Hollow Hold

A. Lie on back with core engaged and pelvis tucked to protect low back.

B. Stretch both arms overhead, biceps by ears, with legs extended long. Hover all limbs above the floor. Press low back into the floor.

Hold for 45 seconds.

Circuit 2


A. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Shift weight onto the left leg, bending knee to lower hips a few inches and cross right foot behind left, hovering off the ground.

B. Push through left foot and bound to right, landing softly with bent right leg, swinging left foot behind it.

C. Pause, and then repeat the movement, this time pushing off with right leg and landing on left. Continue "skating" right to left.

Do 20 reps total; 10 per side.


A. Start in high-plank position with palms on the ground.

B. Have partner grab your ankles, lifting your legs to their hip-level. Your hands will remain on the floor.

C. Walk hands forward, keeping core tight and not moving too quickly. Each palm placement is one rep. Do 20 reps before switching positions with partner.

Do 20 reps.

"Sled" Partner Push

A. Face partner, and put hands on their shoulders leaning into them at a 45-degree angle.

B. Push forward as they resist you, using their lower body and core to remain firm and upright. Move forward as best as possible for 20 steps before switching positions with partner.

Do 20 reps.

Circuit 3

Chest Push with Rotation

A. Face partner with the left leg forward, and right leg back, with both knees slightly bent. You'll act as Partner 1. Partner 2 should mirror your stance and position.

B. Grab Partner 2's right hand Partner 1 will pull left elbow back at shoulder height, making a fist with hand, almost as if preparing to release an arrow from a bow. Partner 1 stretches right arm forward, also at shoulder height, to grab right hand of Partner 2. Partner 2's arms should mirror yours.

C. Using the connected right hands, Partner 1 pushes as Partner 2 resists, creating resistance and tension in the pushing movement; rotate hips as you push. Push until Partner 1's right arm is extended and Partner 2's arm is bent.

D. Then Partner 2 pushes as Partner 1 resists. This creates a kind of sawing motion.

Do 20 reps total; 10 per side.

Back Pull with Rotation

A. Face partner with the left leg forward, and right leg back, with both knees slightly bent. You'll act as Partner 1. Partner 2 should mirror your stance.

B. Grab your partner's right wrist with right hand. Partners' left arms are free and raised to shoulder height.

C. Similar to the sawing motion in the previous exercise, Partner 1 pulls right arm back (as with preparing to launch an arrow) as Partner 2 resists the pull to create tension. Rotate hips as you pull.

D. Switch; as Partner 2 pulls back, Partner 1 resists.

Do 20 reps total; 10 per side.

Lateral Raise

A. Face your partner with arms by your side. Extend both arms out to sides, shoulder height.

B. Have your partner push down gently on both arms as you raise them out to the sides, stopping at shoulder height. . raise them straight out. Do 15 reps, then switch places with your partner.

Do 15 reps.

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