Watch Chelsea Handler Nail a Set of Trap Bar Deadlifts

You'd never guess the comedian "used to hate working out."

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Based on all of the videos circulating on social media of Chelsea Handler working out — she's recently shared clips of her nailing an impressive ab roll-out variation and a single-leg body saw — you'd never guess that she wasn't always a fan of hitting the gym. But the 47-year-old comedian shared that she did in fact have a change of heart.

"I used to hate working out, until @benbrunotraining turned me into beast!" she wrote in the caption of a recent a recent Instagram post. In a video, Handler completes a set of nine trap bar deadlifts with trainer Ben Bruno. In the clip, she jokingly points out her t-shirt that reads, "You wanna see my PHD?" before lifting the trap bar. She cranks out seven reps and asks how many are left. "Two more," says Bruno, adding, "I have no idea how many you did."

When she finishes the last two, Handler does a happy dance to celebrate, turning around to reveal what's printed on the back of her shirt. "PRETTY HUGE DEADLIFT," it reads.

Bruno added some context to Handler's clip in an Instagram post of his own. "As a male trainer, it's so great when it 'clicks' with women, and their mindset shifts from fearing the weights to wanting to get strong," he wrote. "I love that so much."

He added a joke for his fellow trainers, writing, "Trainers: If a client asks you how many reps they have left but you haven't been counting, the answer is always 'two more.'" (

While lifting weights may seem intimidating, there are loads of benefits to incorporating the practice into your fitness routine, as Handler can surely confirm. Lifting weights can help build muscle, strengthen bones, burn calories, prevent injuries, increase flexibility, and promote heart health. (ICYMI, Victoria Beckham has also been getting more comfortable with weight lifting.)

And if you're worried about getting "bulky" from lifting weights, think again. "Lifting heavy weights is a great way to get the shape of the body that you may be seeking," Jacque Crockford, C.S.C.S., spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, previously told Shape, addressing the misconception that the practice always causes lifters to bulk up. "If you're simply looking to improve overall shape of your body and improve your body composition, then lifting weights is also a very important component of a well-rounded fitness program," she added.

Handler's latest social media post is proof that you can learn to love working out with the right program and trainer. If you're not enjoying you current fitness routine, take this as a sign to change things up, because exercising can be tough at times, but should be fun too.

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