Although we were sad to see Elisabetta Canalis get kicked off Dancing with the Stars last night, we couldn't help but notice that she looked fabulous! Rumor has it that she's "revenge dieting" after her break-up with George Clooney. Whether or not that's true, she looks great. Want to look and feel as hot as the DWTS performer? Steal her workout secrets here!

1. Swimming. Before Canalis started on DWTS, she was an avid swimmer. She enjoys it because, "when you swim, you use all of your muscles, and it's great."

2. Kickboxing. Kickboxing is another favorite workout of this model and TV presenter. She uses it, along with swimming to add variety to her routine and ensure she works all her muscles.

3. Dancing. For a show with 'dancing' in the title, that's a given. Canalis says she and the other contestants rehearsed for upwards of six hours per day, every day. That's dedication!

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