Watch her crush some high plank variations with her talk show's DJ, Stephen tWitch Boss.

By Faith Brar
September 19, 2019
Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Stringer/Getty Images

Raise your hand if you think Ellen DeGeneres has basically looked the same for as long as you can remember.

It's almost unbelievable that the world-renowned talk show host turned 61 (!) this year. While her age-defying appearance suggests that DeGeneres makes her health a priority, the former Shape cover star hasn't opened up a whole lot about her healthy living habits.

This week, however, she revealed that she loves doing a quick sweat sesh before taking the stage for her fan-favorite talk show. In an Instagram post, DeGeneres shared a video of herself crushing an abs workout with her show's DJ, Stephen tWitch Boss.

"@sir_twitch_alot and I like to do a little preshow workout together," she wrote alongside the post. "He’s doing a great job keeping up with me here." (Did you know Ellen DeGeneres launched a cute, affordable athleisure line at Walmart?)

The video starts with DeGeneres in a high plank position. From there, she does some high plank shoulder taps and then alternates bringing her knees to her elbows. She appears to repeat the movements twice before doing a high plank hold for approximately 10 seconds, then she starts again from the top.

High plank is not only great for your core, but also your shoulder stability because you're holding yourself up through your forearms, biceps, and shoulders, Stephany Bolivar, CrossFit coach and personal trainer at ICE NYC, previously told us. Adding variations like shoulder taps, and bringing your knees to your elbows challenges these muscles even more. And as long as you're engaging everything correctly, you'll also feel this in your chest, quads, and glutes.

It seems like DeGeneres does a wide variety of pre-show workouts in her dressing room: In the background of the video, you can see a couple of medicine balls and weights lying around, so you know her core isn't the only part of her body she likes to fire up before hitting the stage and being her amazing self. (Feeling inspired? Check out these ultimate abs workout moves from top trainers.)


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