The British singer has taken up a new workout routine after injurying her knee. Find out what it is, and how you can try it


Ellie Goulding's taking her knockout bod to the next level: The blonde singer posted a clip on Instagram of her sweaty sparring session with a trainer.

An avid runner, Goulding has run a half and regularly logs six-mile runs, even while she's on tour (Check out Ellie Goulding's Inspiring Passion for Fitness.). But according to the caption, Goulding hurt her knee over Christmas so apparently turned to low-impact jabs and dodges to keep her heart rate up and lower-body injury risk down. (Feel her pain? Try these 10 Knee-Friendly Lower-Body Toners.)

It's not just the singer who's a fan of the ring: Adriana Lima and Shay Mitchell both famously stay in shape by throwing punches with their trainers. (Check out 9 Celebrities Who Got Fit Fighting.)

Boxing is great to incorporate into any fitness routine: It helps improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and power-not to mention will uniformly tone every muscle in your arms, back, chest, and core. (Check out 8 Reasons You Need to Punch Up Your Workout Routine.)

Plus, you don't need any equipment, which means boxing falls under the number one Biggest Fitness Trends for 2015: Body weight training. Ready to roll with the punches? Try The Best Workout for a Knockout Bod or this Home Boxing Workout.