Eva Longoria Shows Off Her Boxing Skills In a New Video

The former Desperate Housewives actress threw punches and jumped rope like a pro.

Eva Longaria wearing a black dress against a blue background
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If you're looking for some inspiration to change up your fitness routine, head to Eva Longoria's Instagram profile. The actress is always keeping things interesting when it comes to her sweat sessions, and has posted videos of her trampoline workouts, yoga classes, and gym days. Most recently, she shared a clip from an intense one-on-one boxing session, and it might convince you to buy a pair of gloves on the spot.

The video begins with the Desperate Housewives alum getting her (perfectly manicured) hands wrapped for protection by Salvador Garayzar, head coach of Brotherhood MMA and owner of Dyna Training. Next, the gloves are on and Longoria, who's wearing black leggings with a matching black sports bra and white sneakers, throws punches at Garayzar's focus pads. She takes small steps with a slight bend in her knees, remaining light on her feet, periodically dodging incoming blows like a pro. (

In between sparring with her coach, Longoria jumps rope, adding additional cardio to an already intense workout. For her first set of jumping rope, she sticks with traditional jumps, then she alternates jumping from one foot to the other with each rotation of the rope.

All in all, Longoria's boxing workout looks exhausting, but there are so many benefits to boxing that make it worth the effort. First, it's a seriously efficient workout. "In addition to boosting your strength and cardio, boxing improves a number of skill-related parameters of fitness, including balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility," Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise previously told Shape.

It's also a full-body workout when done properly. The power to throw punches from your arms, which requires back, shoulder, and core strength, comes from your hips and legs, Hernan Santa Jr., head of the sparring program at EverybodyFights in New York previously told Shape. There's also a lot of hand-eye coordination required to master combinations, like the ones Longoria throws in her recent Instagram video. And yes, because it's a cardio-heavy workout that improves resting heart rate and muscular endurance, it burns calories fast, according Santa.

What's more, boxing has major mental benefits, including providing stress relief and building confidence. "The number-one thing that sets boxing apart from other workouts is the degree of stress relief," Arnold Gonzalez, USA Boxer and a trainer at EverybodyFights, previously told Shape. A 2017 study backed up this claim, finding that people who do high-intensity workouts, such as boxing, release more endorphins (aka feel-good hormones) than people who do moderate exercise.

Ready to enter the ring? Let Longoria's high-intensity boxing workout inspire you to sign up for a beginner class or take your sparring skills to the next level.

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