Find out what a day in the life looks like for Paralympic athletes like Lisa Bunschoten, Scout Bassett, and Ellen Keane.

By Renee Cherry
March 08, 2019
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If you've ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a professional athlete's training session, head to Instagram. In honor of International Women's Day, female Paralympic athletes are taking over various Instagram accounts affiliated with the Paralympics. The athletes are sharing "day in the life" videos as well as reflecting on the importance of encouraging women to pursue sports. You can find a full rundown of which athletes are participating on which accounts on the International Paralympic Committee website, but here's a taste of what the athletes are posting. (Related: This Woman Won a Gold Medal at the Paralympics After Being In a Vegetative State)

Lisa Bunschoten, @parasnowboard

Today was a race day for Lisa Bunschoten, a Dutch paralympic snowboarder who's won silver. She filmed her takeover from the La Molina World Cup. Before hitting the slopes, she massaged her legs with what appears to be a Hyperice Hypervolt, then headed off for a training run. Bunschoten ended up with a second reason to celebrate today, taking first in her race with a time of 55.50.

Based on her Instagram account, when she's not on the slopes, Bunschoten is constantly staying active with everything from bouldering and surfing to mountain biking in addition to tough training sessions in the gym. (Related: Katrina Gerhard Tells Us What It's Like to Train for Marathons In a Wheelchair)

Photo: @parasnowboard / Instagram

Scout Bassett, @paralympics

Scout Bassett's International Women's Day agenda includes speaking at SXSW. So far, the U.S. long jump bronze medalist has shared her morning coffee and a cheat meal of ribs and fries. This evening, she'll be speaking in a panel hosted by prosthetics company Ottobock about the debate around whether technology gives disabled athletes an unfair advantage. (Psst: Check Bassett out in Nike's recent campaign if you haven't already.)

Photo: @paralympics / Instagram

Ellen Keane, @paraswimming

Ellen Keane, a bronze medalist in the 100m breaststroke from Ireland, took viewers behind the scenes of a day in the life and answered follower Q's. She took viewers along to her strength training session, which included deadlifts with a trap bar, lat pulldowns, and dumbbell deadlifts. Keane also laid out her full workout routine for a curious follower:

Monday: a.m. gym and p.m. swim

Tuesday: a.m. swim

Wednesday: a.m. yoga and p.m. swim

Thursday: a.m. swim and p.m. swim

Friday: a.m. gym and p.m. swim

Saturday: a.m. swim

Sunday: Nap all day

Photo: @paraswimming / Instagram

Keane also gave a peek at her life outside of the gym. She refueled with fruit yogurt and orange juice and applied a sheet mask before taking a nap. #Balance.

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