Find out where her striking outfits are from, plus where to find affordable dupes.

By Renee Cherry
July 22, 2020
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Gabrielle Union
Credit: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

If you stalk Gabrielle Union's Instagram stories, then you know her fitness game's strong. The actress posts clips of herself working out regularly, and her sweat sessions always look intense. Case in point: Union just posted back-to-back full-body workouts that she knocked out from her garage.

On Monday, Union posted the first of the two workouts, writing she was "back at it like [she] never left." It's true: She looked anything but rusty while conquering the series of strength exercises. (Related: Gabrielle Union Broke a Sweat *and* Stayed Dry In These Cult-Favorite Workout Shorts)

She started off with Romanian deadlifts followed by bent-over rows, hip thrusts, and lying pullovers, using dumbbells for each. Then she grabbed what appeared to be a box of tissues for a balance exercise. Union placed the box on her back and performed bird dogs on a bench. "[It's] a lot harder than it looks but you can do this on the floor," she wrote alongside the video. (She's not the only one using household items for a serious workout these days.)

Union finished the workout with resistance band reverse flys (a super effective workout for your posture) and a plank series to work her core. She did 30 seconds of plank-to-pikes using sliders, a 30-second plank hold, and mountain climbers with the sliders. (Related: The Best-Selling Mascara Gabrielle Union Relies On for Sweaty Workouts)

Now that Union's "back at it," she's also continuing her streak of sporting the best activewear looks. Union wore a striking black marble pattern set from KiraGrace—specifically, the brand's High-Waisted Yoga Legging and Crop Top in Black Onyx.

Unfortunately, the styles are no longer available. But if you like the marble look, you can go with the Nasty Gal Polish It Off Marble Workout Crop Top (Buy It, $10, $25, and matching Nasty Gal Polish It Off Marble Workout Leggings (Buy It, $7, $, which happen to be heavily discounted ATM. For a set more similar to Union's, check out this Black Marble Women Yoga Set on Etsy (Buy It, $27,

As exhausting as her Monday workout sounds, Union was back with another workout post the following day. This time she started out with two types of squats to fire up her glutes, quads, and hamstrings: goblet box squats and a variation where she'd squat down to the bench then stand back up on one leg, pistol squat-style.

Afterward, she did two upper body moves: dumbbell bench presses, which target just about every muscle in the upper body, and skull crushers, which mainly hit the triceps. Then Union did Bulgarian split squats and triceps kickbacks before moving on to some core work. This time around, she crushed some single-leg leg lifts, commandos, and high plank shoulder taps.

Tired yet? Because Union wasn't. Next, she did a squat to thruster combo, noting that they "get the heart rate up and build that butt." Finally, she completed her workout with a quick jump-rope session. (Related: One Amazing Trainer Shares Why Jump Roping Is One of the Best Total-Body Workouts)

Perhaps you're breaking a sweat just reading about Union's workout, but make no mistake, she was practically glowing in her post-workout selfie:

For her Tuesday workout, Union wore another notable set. This time it was vibrant purple leggings and a long sleeve shirt from Fabletics. She wore the Fabletics Valeria Sculptknit L/S Top (Buy It, $50, and the Fabletics Mid-Rise SculptKnit Leopard 7/8 Leggings (Buy It, $65,, which have mesh leopard print details. (FYI: You can get the entire outfit for $70 if you're a Fabletics VIP.)

Now that Union has picked up where she left off, you can look forward to more top-notch fitness content. If you like scouting out exercise ideas, activewear, or both, she always delivers.