Halle Berry Demonstrated How to Fit In a Workout with Just a Towel

Berry and her trainer shared a quick, effective, and (nearly) equipment-free circuit.

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If you've ever wondered what Halle Berry does to stay in such killer shape (and who hasn't?), you need only look to Instagram, where she and her trainer Peter Lee Thomas have shared details on the actress' fitness regimen. In one of their latest updates, the duo shared a workout that you can steal the next time you're inspired to get moving.

If you favor convenience, you'll love every aspect of the workout. First off, it's something you can easily do at home, at the gym, or even at a hotel, since it doesn't require a ton of space. Two, it provides a full-body workout in a short period of time. And three, there's no fancy equipment required. You'll just need one thing you definitely have on hand: a towel. (

The workout consists of five moves, and you'll complete 10-20 reps of each. Thomas and Berry begin with some core-focused exercises: sit-ups and Russian twists. Then they move onto skaters, reverse lunges with knee drives, and a squat press burpee sequence that involves jumping over your towel as if using a jump rope. To get the most out of this workout, it's key to move with control rather than prioritizing speed, Thomas tells Shape. "Slower is usually harder, faster is usually easier, and people do things fast to rush through them so they can just get it done," which can result in injury, he says. You can scale the workout to your ability; For instance, you can add more reps or do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of each exercise for two minutes for more of a challenge, he says.

The workout was influenced by one of the trainer's fitness philosophies. He loves creating workouts that are "very resourceful," and attainable. "I just love the idea that you can get a whole lot with very little," he says. (

It's an approach he uses often in his training with Berry. "I'll do a 'resourceful week' where we're just using all the things in her path," he says. Think: triceps dips, leg raises and push-ups with patio furniture, stair exercises, or split squats with a bench. "The following week we'll do purely outdoor training where we're flipping tires, we're using sledgehammers, we're using pushing a sled, we're doing a lot of animal movements and keeping it primal and fun and integrative and multifaceted versus always being stuck in the gym," he says. Thomas confirms that Berry is enthusiastic about the approach. Once when rain got in the way of an outdoor shoot, "I told [Berry] we should literally do a rain check and she looked at me and goes 'no, we're going to work out in the rain and we're going to film it and it's going to look epic,'" he recalls.

Whether or not you're fond of braving the elements, you can get resourceful with the equipment you use. Thomas and Berry use the Cooling Towel (Buy It, $8, re-spin.shop) from their wellness brand rē*spin, but any mid-sized towel that you have on hand will do, or you could even use a t-shirt, notes Thomas. (

The next time you're low on time and/or space but want to break a satisfying sweat, this workout is sure to suffice. And the fact that it has Halle Berry's approval? Well, enough said.

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