How the supermodel got her super-sexy body back just 5 weeks after Baby!

By Kristen Aldridge

There's no question Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima stuns at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Amazingly, the supermodel gave birth to her second child (with pro basketball star hubby Marko Jaric) just eight weeks before she hit the runway! How did she whip herself back into such insanely awesome shape so quickly?

Enter powerhouse international fitness expert Michael Olajide, Jr., former champion boxer and personal trainer to Ms. Lima herself. Getting the new mom back into runway-worthy shape wasn't easy; the dynamic duo worked out twice a day, seven days a week!

Using a killer combo of jump rope, boxing, and specialized sculpting maneuvers, Olajide, Jr. had Lima defying nature and ready to rock the world's sexiest lingerie after just five weeks of training. The best part? Now you too can do the same routine Lima did (in the comfort of your own living room)! Olajide, Jr. is revealing his secrets to a lean, sexy body in his newest DVD box set, AEROBOX: The System of Sleek.

"Adriana does what she has to in the gym. Her work ethic is out of control! When she gets in her mind she wants to get something done, she does it," he raves.

We got the chance to go one-on-one with Olajide, Jr. himself to talk about Lima's post-baby, pre-runway workout, his best slim-down secrets, and more!

SHAPE: Adriana looks absolutely incredible in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show-it's hard to believe she just had a baby in September! Tell us about the workouts you did to prep her for the runway.

Michael Olajide, Jr. (MO): We only had five weeks to do it, so we were working out twice a day, seven days a week, for two to three hours per session. We'd start around 9 a.m. and finish the first session around 11 a.m. or 12 noon. Then she'd be back in the gym at 5:30 p.m. or 6 p.m. to put in another couple of hours.

SHAPE: Wow, that's intense! What were some of the specific workouts you did?

MO: Adriana responds really well with jumping rope and shadow boxing. We did a lot of exercises that tested reflexes. We had a lot of variety, things like double turns with a jump rope (which are part of his workout DVD called AERO Jump/Sculpt). The workouts are on another planet-they are killer! There were also specialized sculpting maneuvers and all-over bodywork. I really trained her like a fighter. It's so important to work on both the mental and physical aspect of training. Adriana knows her strengths and weaknesses, and she goes after it!

SHAPE: What were some of her specific weight loss goals?

MO: We focused on appearance instead of weight loss. Adriana's fight weight, as I like to call it, is 135 pounds because she's a tall girl-she's 5' 10 ½". We have this vision of models being a waif but she's so well defined. She didn't have to make a certain weight for the show like a fighter does. Plus, I feel if you focus on the numbers it can add a sense of unnecessary stress, especially if you're working as hard as she was. We were as much for appearance as possible, but did it in a healthy way. To see her body make that kind of transformation after the first few weeks was incredible. All of a sudden, it just started to melt off-it was crazy!

SHAPE: How about diet? Did you recommend something specific for her?

MO: Portion control was key. Adriana is an extremely healthy eater. She had steamed meats, nothing fried. Everything was really plain with no sauces. She held back on sodium especially so her body wouldn't retain water. That's one of the many areas we can make a quick visible impact because new moms retain water more. Water intake was also very important. She had steamed veggies like broccoli, spinach, very dark greens, and chicken. She stayed away from sugars and really ate how we're originally supposed to eat-food the way it was intended-to eat for a necessity and a purpose, not for taste or a social situation.

SHAPE: Now that the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is done, what type of workouts is Adriana doing now?

MO: She's back down in Miami, staying with the jump rope and doing some boxing. What's so amazing from her workouts is that she's changed her metabolic level. Whatever she's doing now, she's still on that workout high from before. Think of it like recalibrating your engine. She's burning at a higher rate normally now so she can go back to just a basic maintenance program. More than anything, now it's about portion control and watching what she eats, staying active, staying busy, and having her mind challenged to maintain her level of fitness. For her job, she had to do something very unique because she's out in front of millions of people all judging her or picking her apart, so she had to train for that. But now she probably does an hour a day like everybody else, and she looks amazing.

SHAPE: How would you define the ultimate Victoria's Secret body?

MO: She has it! Victoria's Secret models are very balanced. They can wear street clothes yet they still have substance to them. They're feminine and they have curves. They have that confidence and physical presence. They really reflect being healthy, balanced women.

SHAPE: What's your best tip for our readers on the most effective way to lose baby weight?

MO: Again, think of it like recalibrating the engine. It's time to kick it back into gear. Start being active both mentally and physically. Find a program that challenges you and will give you adrenaline and that boost. You'll feel better every time. It doesn't have to be one-on-one with a trainer either. Spinning classes are great to feel that music, the energy, the people. Just stay challenged.

SHAPE: Tell us about your new DVD box set! Why should it be on everyone's wish list this year?

MO: It's a great set and really offers a ton of variety. It's different because it's upper-body cardio; you're punching at different speeds, twisting, and using your core. It's amazing for your whole body-your midsection, tummy, arms, shoulders, triceps-and the abs section is killer! There are new maneuvers in it that people have never seen before. You'll see Adriana's actual workout too. The sculpting maneuvers in it are the same sculpting maneuvers I did with her.

To find out how some of the other Angels got ready for the runway, check out the behind-the-scenes video below! And for more info on all things Aerospace NYC, visit their website.

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