Steal her secrets for fast fat-burning results.


Ali Landry knows a thing or two about juggling a successful career and motherhood. The busy mama, stunning star, and former Miss USA can currently be seen in the new hit reality series Hollywood Girls Night on TV Guide Network, where she dishes on everything from relationship secrets and celebrity crushes to struggles with weight and life as a mom.

No topic is off-limits on the show, so if there's anyone who can shed some light on how to lose baby weight, it's Landry.

The Southern-born-and-raised beauty and mom to 4-year-old daughter Estela Ines, just welcomed her second child, Marcelo Alejandro, last October, and within weeks she already had her awesome pre-baby bod back.

Now, if you think she's part of the enviable stock of stars that drops baby weight just like that-or never gains it in the first place-think again.

"Losing weight after your baby is a huge commitment and so much hard work," Landry says. "I still have about 8 pounds left to go, but you have to realize it's a process and be realistic about it. There is no quick fix."

The hard work for Landry started even before her son was born. "I worked out before, during, and after my entire pregnancy and just stayed really consistent," she says.

Hour-long workouts three times a week combined with eating clean and healthy food helped Landry stay on track. During her pregnancy she indulged in sweet treats like frozen mangos with cinnamon and agave syrup and smoothies with strawberries, blueberries, and acai berries to satisfy her sweet tooth without going overboard.

The brunette bombshell also works out with her trainer, Helene Guzman of LA ROX, whom she credits for getting her body back to its fabulous, fit female form. Together they did exercises with a Bosu Ball to focus on the core, arms, and legs while alternating strength training with high-intensity cardio intervals.

Guzman, who also worked with Selma Blair and Poppy Montgomery during their pregnancies, suggests starting small when it comes to post-baby workouts.

"After your doctor gives you the OK, start with small goals like walking for 20 to 40 minutes for two to three days per week to help get your body moving," Guzman says. "Then incorporate some daily core, pelvic, and lower-back moves (planks are great!) to strengthen the areas that take a toll with the new angel in your life."

Once you have your stamina back in check, try interval training to get faster fat-burning results.

"Do one set of three or four strength and core exercises, then do a cardio interval on the treadmill, elliptical, stairs, or roping," Guzman says. "Anything to elevate your heart rate for two to three minutes, so your fat-burning mode is activated throughout the workout. You can repeat the same or add more exercises, and do two then three intervals each workout-and yes, keep walking too!"

If you want more scoop on Landry's fitness regime, keep reading! We were thrilled when Guzman shared one of the workout routines that got Landry her pre-baby body back!

Ali Landry's Post-Baby Workout

You'll need: Pilates Magic Circle, Bosu ball, a pair of dumbbells

Warm up on the treadmill for five minutes, then stretch on a mat to prevent injury.

1. Pilates Magic Circle

Lie on your back with legs straight and magic circle in your hands. With arms straight, start pressing the circle with short and quick bursts as you reach for your toes for an abdominal roll-up. Continue pressing as you slowly move your body back down to the mat in starting position.

Complete 20-25 reps.

2. Plank

Do a plank, holding one leg off the floor for 15 seconds each leg, for a total of 30 seconds.

3. Bicep Curls

Using 5 to 7 lb. dumbbells, sit on a Bosu ball with feet off the ground to activate your core while doing bicep curls. You can also complete a variation to this by moving one foot off the ground at a time while alternating curls.

Complete 15-25 reps.

4. Bosu Ball Knee Taps with Raises

Stand on top of the Bosu and get into a squat position. Do knee taps by moving your legs side to side, and at the same time do lateral and front shoulder raises using 3 to 5 lb. dumbbells.

Complete 20-30 reps.

5. Cardio Burst

Now you're ready for a three-minute cardio burst of running on the treadmill at 6.8 speed. Then increase to 7.5 and sprint to the finish!

That's one set. With this workout, do three to five intervals in your session that all have different exercise moves with only one set to keep the hour interesting.

"Just don't put pressure on yourself," Landry says. "Your biggest priority is your baby but don't forget about yourself, too. Be creative, start small, give yourself a break and enjoy the process!"

For more post-baby body secrets, follow Guzman on Twitter or check out her official website. And be sure to catch Landry starring in Hollywood Girls Night, Sundays at 9/8c on TVGN!