Did you see last night's The Bachelorette finale? Ashley Hebert said "yes" to J.P. Rosenbaum's marriage proposal! After some drama, Rosenbaum sealed the deal with Hebert, ending The Bachelorette 2011 season with a fairy-tale ending. We can't wait to see these two start making wedding plans and tie the knot. In the meantime, let's take a look at how Hebert stays so fit. She's looked great all season on The Bachelorette, and we know she'll be rocking that wedding dress!

The Top 3 Workout and Diet Tips of Ashley Hebert

1. Dance it off. Not one for traditional workouts, Hebert exercises by dancing! In fact, she's taught jazz, ballet, and hip-hop classes before and says she feels most confident when she's dancing.

2. Eat according to your hunger. One way that Hebert stays trim is by always listening to her hunger. She told SHAPE, "I eat when I'm hungry and don't when I'm not," she says. "It just happens that the foods I love most are nutrient dense." It's simple, but it works!

3. Mini-meal it up. Whether it's filming a The Bachelorette episode or fueling up for a dance class, Hebert eats small, regular meals a day instead of the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eating smaller meals more often gives her the energy she needs!


Jennipher Walters is the CEO and co-founder of the healthy living websites and A certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach and group exercise instructor, she also holds an MA in health journalism and regularly writes about all things fitness and wellness for various online publications.