Celeb trainer Tony Greco shares his superstar routine

By Kristen Aldridge

There's no question country cutie Carrie Underwood has some amazing pipes, but she may just have some of the best limbs in the biz too.

And if you haven't seen her new album cover yet, be prepared to be Blown Away-literally. With gorgeous gams like that, who could blame her for wanting to show them off! Her legs are so awesome, they even have a Facebook fan page, and country funny man Blake Shelton once suggested they should win their own CMA Award (we agree!).

So the question is, what does Underwood do to sport such perfectly sculpted stems? We spoke to powerhouse trainer Tony Greco (who has worked with both Underwood and her hubby Mike Fisher in Ottawa in the past, while Fisher was playing for the Senators) and one thing's for sure: The blond beauty is committed to a healthy diet and regular exercise plan.

"Carrie is very knowledgeable in the world of health, and she does a lot of workouts on her own," Greco says. "It's really a lifestyle for her. She currently has trainers in both Los Angeles and Nashville and is even known to take one on the road with her while touring. Instead of eating out, she'll stock her fridge with healthy greens from the fresh store."

To get strong, sexy, lean legs like Underwood's, Greco suggests a series of lunges, squats, stepups, and toe taps combined with a balanced diet of protein, carbs, and fats.

"Have a protein the size of the palm of your hand, 2 cups of green veggies, and a handful of almonds, macadamia nuts, or walnuts with every meal," Greco advises.

But with how dedicated Underwood is to healthy eating, is cheating allowed, at least every once in a while?

"Definitely!" Greco says. "Just have it before noon so it gives your body enough time to burn the extra calories."

Now, back to those lunges, squats, stepups and toe taps! Greco gave us the deets on the sexy leg workout he gives all his celeb clients (it's a toughie but so worth it!). Go to the next page to get the superstar routine and watch the Victoria's Secret legs workout video for more thigh and butt toning.

Celebrity Workout for Lean, Sexy Legs

You'll need: Exercise mat, light dumbbells, step, medicine ball.

How it works: Greco's lower-body routine combines a series of compound exercises to work the legs and butt. According to Greco, you'll start seeing results in as little as three weeks.

"You'll feel the tightness in your legs and start to see the symmetry, the lines," he says. "Genetics plays a role of course, but your thighs will be slimmer and calves more defined."

Do these exercises three days a week, then add in moderate cardio like light jogging, running, or biking for 30 minutes at a steady pace on your off days.

Warm-Up: Start the routine with a simple warm-up of basic lunges, drop lunges, split lunges, jump split lunges, and drop squats to get the heart rate up and warm the body.

Exercise 1: Bulgarian Lunge

Begin by standing about 3 feet in front of a bench (your back toward the bench), holding light weights in each hand. Place your right foot on the bench, insuring your left leg is still straight in alignment with your upper body.

Slowly descend, just like in a regular lunge, remembering to keep your left knee behind your left foot (your target depth is where your left leg is in a 90 degree bend position). Hold for 2 seconds, then extend your left leg and return to the beginning position.

Tip: To really challenge the core and get those fine leg lines, only use one dumbbell and move your arm over the front knee, back and forth while you do the lunge.

Complete 8-12 reps.

Exercise 2: Stepups

Begin by standing in front of a step or riser (8-12 inches tall) facing forward. Place your right foot in the middle of step and step up as you balance your body for 1-2 seconds on the right leg. Your left leg should be behind your body to help stabilize your weight as it is shifting. Step down with your left leg first and continue on down with your right.

Step up and down on each leg for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Tip: Increase the difficulty of this move by jumping instead of stepping, pushing off the front leg.

Exercise 3: Toe Taps

Place your right foot on your step at a 90-degree angle. Press through your right heel to stand up on the step and tap your left toe on the step then bring it back down. Repeat on the other leg, back and forth for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Tip: Do toe taps with a medicine ball for ultimate results! In a slow squatting position, hold the ball behind you while you tap the step with your toe.

Exercise 4: Skater Lunge

Do a reverse lunge with your back leg slightly at an angle. Leap to the side and bring the opposite leg behind you, only tapping your toe to the ground. Immediately jump back the other direction and continue alternating, transferring your weight from one leg to the other. Do this for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

For more fitness tips from Tony Greco, check out his website and follow him on Twitter!

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