Nothing is impossible for Paula Patton, including pulling off one sexy, sultry spy alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, in theatres now. The striking starlet is heating up the big screen in the new action flick, showing off an impossibly hot body with kick-butt fighting skills to match.

If you're wondering how to make it your mission to get her Mission: Impossible hot bod, look no further. Meet Jeanette Jenkins, President of The Hollywood Trainer, creator of the new "Sexy Abs" workout with Kelly Rowland and- wait for it - trainer and nutritionist to Patton herself!

"Paula wanted the beautiful mix of a super hot woman that can kick ass…with some great muscle tone but still feminine," Jenkins says. "Mission: Impossible came fast so really her training started before she even landed the role."

Jenkins, who has trained the actress for the last several years, worked with Patton doing yoga, Pilates, hiking and power walking while she was pregnant (with son Julian Fuego), which enabled her to lose the baby weight quickly in time for the leading lady role.

"That's why it's always important to stay healthy because you never know what opportunity is waiting for you around the corner," Jenkins advises. "You better be ready when they call!"

For MI:4, Patton completed five weeks of fine-tuning with Jenkins, consisting of yoga, Pilates and sculpting. Patton also worked extensively with stunt coordinators from the film to practice martial arts and fight scenes.

"Paula has the most beautiful spirit, she trains very hard, and is absolutely hilarious," Jenkins says. "Both her and husband Robin Thicke are committed and consistent with healthy living and that is why they both look so amazing!"

Mission, accomplished! We were beyond thrilled when Jenkins shared with us Patton's healthy eating plan and Mission: Impossible workout. Read on for more!

Patton's Meal Plan: Jenkins prepared Patton's meal plans with a focus on organic whole food ingredients rich in multi-vitamins, omega-3s, Macro Greens and water.


-Vegetable egg-white omelet with sautéed spinach and lemon

-Green tea with lemon and honey




-Turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread with lettuce, tomato and mustard

-Side salad

-Green juice with three handfuls of spinach, one apple, half of a lemon, half of a thumb-size of ginger, one cup of ice and water (using a Vitamix juicer)


-Cucumber and tomato salad with feta, olive oil and lemon

-Hummus with carrots and celery


-Lemon and garlic wild salmon with asparagus and corn

Patton's Workout: You'll begin by warming up with a one to two mile jog on the treadmill (or outside if you prefer) followed by total body rhythmic stretches. Repeat the circuit three times. After the workout, remember to cool down with another total body stretch.

You'll Need: 3-5 lb. dumbbells, exercise mat and a whole ‘lotta stamina!

Plié Squat with Overhead Tricep:

Start in a Grand Plié, feet open wide in second position with hands together and 3-5 lb. dumbbells overhead. Lower down into a plie and bend elbows at the same time lowering weights behind your head. Press back up and squeeze your buttocks, thighs, abs and triceps.

Complete 25 reps.

Plié Squat on Toes:

Go up onto your toes (staying in a grand plié) and hold dumbbells in front of chest. Lower down until thighs are parallel to the floor and 90 degrees to the knees and press back up squeezing the buttocks, thighs, abs and calves.

Complete 25 reps.

Tip: Consult this video with Jenkins if you need help.

Single Kick Touch the Ground:

Kick your right leg forward with control making sure you do not lock out into your knee. Lower the right leg down to the ground and step back with the left leg into a deep lunge (keeping your right knee at a 90-degree angle). Touch the ground with both hands.

Complete 25 reps on both right and left leg.

Tip: Consult this video with Jenkins if you need help.

Reverse Lunge with Arm Circle:

Hold 3-5 lb. dumbbells and step back into a lunge with your right leg, keeping the left knee at a 90-degree angle. Drive through your left leg using your left gluteal muscles to stand back up, lifting your right knee to hip height. At the same time, circle the arms over head engaging abs.

Complete 15 to 25 reps on both right and left leg.

Tip: Consult this video with Jenkins if you need help.

Push-Up to Side Plank Combo

Lower down into a push-up and press up to a side plank on the left side. Lower down into a push-up and press up to a side plank on the right side.

Alternate push-up to side plank for a total of 16-20 reps.

Tip: Consult this video with Jenkins if you need help.

Abdominal V-Up

Sit on a mat or the floor in the shape of a ball with your hands wrapped around your legs and feet off floor. Squeeze your abs tight and slowly lower your lower back and midback to floor while extending your legs out in front on a diagonal and arms to the side. Squeeze your abs tight and exhale as you slowly pull yourself back up into a ball.

Complete 15 to 25 reps.

Tip: Consult this video with Jenkins if you need help.

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