The former WWE Diva's trainer told us the secret behind her sculpted stems.


Before she Danced with the Stars, romanced George Clooney, and literally "wrestled" her way to stardom, Stacy Keibler had an impressive career as an actress and model. But, the 5'11 blonde beauty is perhaps best known for one of her most enviable assets: a great pair of legs. We all know that, genetics aside, it takes some hard work to get sculpted stems like Keibler's. So, we went right to the source to find out exclusively how the former WWE Diva keeps her legs looking so fab – her own personal fitness guru!

Get Keibler's Killer Calves

"Juliet has a gift of hyper-focusing on each muscle to make them 'pop' perfectly, keeping my legs long and lean," says the 31-year old Keibler, of Juliet Kaska, her trusted personal trainer and a Hollywood heavyweight known for keeping a bevy of bold-faced names lean and mean. But in Stacy's case, Kaska says, she can't take all the credit. "Stacy was born with stunningly long, athletic-looking legs. But, my job is to work on sculpting them so that she has more muscle definition and shapely calves," Kaska says. "Most women avoid focusing on calves fearing it will cause them to ‘bulk up' and make legs appear thicker," she adds, "but with Stacy, it's the key to her gorgeous gams." And their routine starts with something ever so simple that you can do at home– take the stairs!

Become a StairMASTER

"In Los Angeles, we have a ton of great staircases all over the city, some of them going up many flights. They're great for outdoor workouts. Keibler switches it up-sometimes she runs, and sometimes she hikes in the hills with added resistance from GoFit ankle weights because the stronger she gets; we need to continuously challenge her body so she doesn't hit a plateau," Kaska says.

Weight a Minute

That myth that lifting weights will cause your legs to get bulky is just that, a myth. "Stacy and I do tons of weight training on her legs, whether it be using a traditional leg press machine, or just doing squats with a Contour Kettlebell and lunges with free weights. We vary between high and low reps, adding in some plyometrics (a system of exercise in which the muscles are repeatedly stretched and suddenly contracted), but there is always a foundation of heavy weight training, which gives those clear-cut lines you can see in her legs," Kaska says.

Cross Train

"When working the leg, you really want to make sure you are training all planes of motion so you are ‘developing' the leg in equal dimensions," Kaska says. "Incorporating that sort of training with Pilates and also some yoga keeps her limber, flexible, and creates that long, gorgeous, defined muscle Stacy is so famous for."