Jenna Dewan Showed Off Her Pole Dancing Moves Ahead of the Release of Her Latest Film

The actress is starring in a new Lifetime movie called Let's Get Physical.

Jenna Dewan
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Jenna Dewan is known for her incredible dance skills — after all, she got her big break as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson and performed with Kelly Clarkson and Ciara before starring in film and tv shows. Now, Dewan's latest role is taking her dance talents to new heights in the form of pole dancing.

Dewan first teased her gravity-defying dance moves on Instagram last month, sharing a brief clip of herself gracefully twirling around a pole before casually landing in the splits. She then showed off more of her pole prowess by hoisting her body into a horizontal hold on the pole like it was NBD, smiling the entire way through. (ICYDK, pole dancing is no joke. Just ask Busy Philipps, who bruised her ribs doing it.)

Then, in early August, the Come Dance with Me judge revealed on Instagram that her recent pole work was part of training for her role in the upcoming Lifetime movie Let's Get Physical, which she's executive producing and starring in. The post featured a carousel of photos and videos from her time working on the project, including a clip of Dewan rotating upside down on a pole. In the video, she uses upper-body and core strength to spin with one leg bent around the pole and the other leg pointing straight outward, making the physically challenging move look easy.

Most recently, Dewan shared a video montage of even more of her athletic pole dancing moves. In it, the actress displays her skills in fishnets and sky-high stilettos in front of three mirrors as flashing colored lights illuminate the space. The post is set to Nicki Minaj's "Super Freaky Girl" and has inspired plenty of positive feedback from fans and famous friends alike, including Kelly Ripa, who also worked on the film. The talk show host left a serious of clapping and fire emojis in a comment on the post to show her support for Dewan.

Based on the snippets she's shared, it's clear Dewan has worked hard to perfect her pole skills. And that's no easy feat, even for a seasoned dancer, such as the Step Up alum.

Pole dancing is basically four exercises in one. It "effectively combines strength training, endurance, and flexibility training into one fun activity," instructor Tracy Traskos of NY Pole previously told Shape. "It's yoga, Pilates, TRX, and Physique 57 all wrapped into one. And in high heels!" Plus, that's without mentioning the coordination it requires to follow choreography.

Not only is pole dancing a great physical workout, but it can also help build confidence and boost positive body image, according to Traskos. Pole classes are typically safe spaces that foster friendship and bonding, she added. "Participants feel like they have accomplished something great they never really thought possible."

If you've been looking for a way to spice up your workout routine, consider signing up for a pole dancing class at a studio near you.

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