Jennifer Aniston's Latest Workout Starred Her Dogs — and 'Cute' Doesn't Even Cut It

In a recent Instagram video, the actress is joined by two of three pups as she tackles kettlebell exercises and crunches like a pro.

jennifer aniston dog workout
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There's no denying that working out at home is extremely convenient (no trekking to the studio or lugging a gym bag is a true luxury), but that doesn't mean the pandemic-fueled trend comes without complications. If you've ever tried to sneak in a sweat session and found yourself interrupted by family members, roommates, and/or pets, Jennifer Aniston can likely relate — at least according to her recent Instagram activity.

On Wednesday, the actress, 52, took to Instagram to share an 11-second clip in which she's attempting to tackle a series of mat-based moves while her two dogs seem to have other plans. As Aniston gets down to business doing bicycle crunches, her Great Pyrenees mix, Lord Chesterfield, and her Schnauzer mix, Clyde, begin using her mat as home base for a game of tug of war, seemingly unphased by the fact they're positioned underneath a kicking Aniston.

From there, the Friends alumn moves onto — or, better yet, tries to move onto — kettlebell squats only to catch Lord Chesterfield's eye. And guess what? He wants in on the fitness fun. So he gets right up next to his dog mom, serving as a veritable cheerleader. All the while, Clyde is just chillin' at the end of Aniston's mat with his stuffed animal securely in tow, seemingly having been crowned the tug of war champ.

As Aniston lifts and lowers the kettlebell in a wide-legged stance (way to go, Rachel Green!), she appears playfully exasperated by Lord Chesterfield's continued interruptions. In the end, though, she perseveres and is able to finish her reps (momentarily) in peace, as the pup's curiosity leads him to the camera.

The silly, sweet clip is set to the sounds of TikTok star Lorena Pages, who's previously gone viral for her chipmunk-like monologue. (Remember that video of Tika the Iggy trying on outfits to the words "Love it, couldn't wear it?" That was Pages' voice.) "Okay, I know I'm cute, but stop a-smothering me. You're so annoying with your smothering. I know I'm irresistible but okay see, you know you've crossed my smothering line," she says in the audio overlay in Aniston's Reel.

All jokes aside, Aniston — famously an animal lover and rescue advocate — clearly loves her pooches, including her pitbull Sophie, who didn't make a cameo in the clip. And while her furry friends' insatiable need for attention interrupted her recent exercises, The Morning Show star seems to squeeze in plenty of workouts without doggie disruptions. In fact, she's previously shared snippets of uninterrupted sweat sessions on social media (e.g. the dimly-lit solo yoga flow she posted in December 2021) and told Shape in 2017 that she's a fan of yoga, cardio (including a mix of indoor cycling, running, and the elliptical), interval training, boxing, and Taryn Toomey's The Class (which she described as a "moving meditation"). And need not forget about the three to six times a week she works out with her trainer, Leyon Azubuike.

That being said, having some of the cutest fitness buddies on the block nearby for support would not doubt help anyone (including someone as fit as Aniston!) get through an intense workout with ease — even if her pups did smother her just a bit.

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