Here's How to Do Jennifer Garner's Full-Body Workout

Her trainer, Beth Nicely, shared a full-body workout and the birthday tradition that's behind it.

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ICYMI, one of Hollywood's most-loved actresses turned 50 recently. In honor of Jennifer Garner's 50th birthday on April 17 the actress' trainer, Beth Nicely, founder of The Limit, shared how she and the star work out to celebrate her birthday every year.

"The tradition is that whatever age you're turning, we do that number of reps in an exercise," explains Nicely in an Instagram story for Shape. Another year older, another rep stronger, right?

In this case, that includes 50 reps of some of Nicely and Garner's usual exercises. Think plyometric box jumps, strength training arm exercises, and plank variations. When done together, the series of exercises make up one full-body workout that's sure to help you work up a sweat, no matter your age.

Curious to give the heart-pumping moves a try for yourself? Keep scrolling for more details on each of the celebrity-approved exercises and their benefits. Pro tip: You don't have to wait until your birthday to do the workout. Use your own age (or Garner's) to determine the number of reps you aim to do for each exercise and get moving. However, especially if you're new to the moves, Nicely recommends prioritizing proper form over reps.

Jennifer Garner's Full-Body Birthday Burnout

Cardio Exercises

Nicely kicks off the workout with a series of plyometric exercises, including plyo box jumps, single-leg box jumps, and oblique twist box jumps. Later in the workout, she also incorporates plyo moves that don't require equipment, such as squat jump heel clicks, squat stars, tuck jumps, and skaters you can do with or without a weight.

For the uninitiated, plyometric exercises, which involve explosive movements (aka jump training), promote agility, speed, and jump height. "A lot of people worry about the impact on their joints and fear that it is dangerous to jump as they age," Nicely previously told Shape. "As a NASM-certified trainer and corrective exercise specialist, I can assure you that jumping is essential to bone health."

Strength-Training Exercises

Next, it's time for arm strength training. ICYMI, lifting weights has serious benefits, such as increased lean body mass and muscle definition, improved calorie burn, strengthened bones, increased flexibility, and more. For this circuit, Nicely demonstrates how to do sets of bent-over row, overhead presses, and alternating hammer shoulder presses. All you need to do them is a set of lightweight dumbbells. (

Core Exercises

Moving to the floor, Nicely does a series of plank exercises to engage the core. Plank exercises are beneficial because they work all of the muscles in the core, such as the rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, obliques, hips, and back. In this case, Nicely does plank jack shoulder taps, quadruped single-leg rows, and weighted sit-ups on a box (though, you can do traditional sit-ups on the ground without a weight). She later adds scapular contractions in a plank position to work the upper thoracic spine and alternating elbow lifts in plank position for dynamic movement, finishing the full-body birthday workout with a set of reverse crunches.

While 50 reps of each of these exercises may seem like a lot, you can slowly incorporate these moves into your workout routine, increasing the number of reps as you get comfortable with the movements. As for Garner, she's surely already preparing to knock out 51 reps of everything Nicely puts in front of her next year.

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