Watch Jennifer Lopez Crush This Gym Workout with A-Rod

Our favorite fit couple isn't wasting any time on those New Year goals.

Photo by Rachel Murray / Getty Images.

Stuck in a workout rut? Never fear, because Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have you covered. The power couple started the New Year by doing a killer (mostly) upper-body workout together that A-Rod posted to his Instagram on January 1. "The grind never stops," he captioned the video. "What are you going to make of 2019?" (

The video shows the former Yankees player and the actress crushing some seriously tough moves at Gold's Gym in Venice Beach, CA. The duo performed each exercise back-to-back, starting with incline machine rows and going on to barbell bench presses, weighted Roman chair (aka glute-ham raise machine) trunk extensions, lat pull-downs, chest presses, and more. (Here's another upper-body workout for sculpted, sexy shoulders.)

Not to mention J.Lo's look screamed #gymlook goals with a strappy black sports bra and leggings, showing off her abs, and a long dreamy high ponytail. (

This isn't the first time these two lovebirds have shown off their skills in the gym. (In fact, J.Lo and A-Rod might just be our favorite fit couple.) A-Rod posted several workout videos throughout 2018 to show just how badass he and his girlfriend really are.

It's clear that putting their health first is a major priority for this couple. Case in point: J.Lo's incredible physique at 49 years old and A-Rod's reputation as an all-star athlete. So it makes total sense that the two choose to do their workouts together. Not to mention, working out with your SO can do wonders for your relationship (and your sex life).

"Establishing the pattern of doing positive, healthy activities together is something that makes you aligned with each other," said Tracy Thomas, Ph.D., a psychologist and clinical director of her own virtual and in-person practice. "Being aligned with each other is actually more important in a relationship than compatibility because you're able to be in a similar pattern of life, which in turn facilitates growing together. When you're able to grow together, you're more likely to be able to help each other evolve as people."

So if you're looking for someone to help you crush your New Year's fitness resolutions, take a cue from J.Lo and A-Rod and sweat it out with your SO. (Not sure where to start? Scope these eight active date ideas that won't make you sweaty.)

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