This time around, J.Lo and A-Rod are focusing on their workouts, rather than their diets.

By Renee Cherry
Photo: Jackson Lee / Getty Images

Another day, another intense wellness goal. Fresh off their 10-day, no-carb, no-sugar diet challenge, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have taken on another 10-day challenge. This time, they've committed to 10 days of grueling workouts.

A-Rod posted a YouTube video over the weekend titled "THE GRIND," which opens with the recently engaged couple heading out for day three of the challenge. Later on in the video, they pinkie promise their trainer that they'll commit to 10 days, although, beyond that, they never elaborate on what exactly they committed to.

As the video title suggests, the couple has been staying on the fitness grind since their engagement in early March. Judging by their outfits, the vlog spans several days throughout their challenge. On day three, the couple hit up the cardio machines while wearing matching FIGHTSENSE sauna suits. They didn't wear them to look all matchy and cute-even though they totally were matchy and cute-but rather because "they're supposed to make you sweat," Rodriguez explains in the vid. (Here's what you need to know about working out in a sauna suit.)

On a separate day-note J.Lo's orange Nike Air Presto sneakers-the couple got into some upper-body strength training, including cable crossover reverse flys and Arnold presses. During a break, J.Lo also tried to help A-Rod improve on his dance skills. (Related: Jennifer Lopez's Best Fitness Moments That Will Inspire You to Attack Your Goals)

The remaining three days were a mix of more weight training. The sessions included exercises like weighted back extensions, lat pull-downs, bench presses, weighted step-ups, and deadlifts. At one point, J.Lo put on giant ankle weights for toe-touch crunches and donkey kicks, while A-Rod went without, blaming past hip surgeries. "Yeah, but your hips work perfectly," was Lopez's savage response.

Even given their sauna suit day, clearly, the couple is more concerned with continuing their usual strength training than "shedding for the wedding" weight loss. Here's hoping they spill more details about their challenge so-like their no-carb challenge-the rest of the world can join in.


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