Your favorite fit couple is back at it again.

By Faith Brar
November 05, 2019

You know what they say: Couples who sweat together stay together. At least, that seems to be the case for Jennifer Lopez and fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez
Credit: George Pimentel/Contributor/Getty Images

On Monday, the former Yankees shortstop shared a video of himself sweating it out with his wifey-to-be at the gym. In the caption, he encouraged his followers to share their own workout goals for the week while he and J. Lo crushed their gym sesh.

"Happy Monday!" Rodriguez wrote alongside the video. "No excuses, let's hit the gym!"

Together, the duo crushed what appeared to be a pretty intense lower-body workout. Starting with machine leg presses, leg extensions, and prone hamstring curls, the couple then moved on to doing reverse lunges and deadlifts, both with dumbbells. (Related: The Best Leg Day Exercises Trainers Want You to Add to Your Workouts)

Throughout the clip, A-Rod and J. Lo couldn't help but have a little fun together between sets. Lopez seemed to whip out some low-key choreography at one point, to which A-Rod responded with a high-five, clearly impressed with her dance moves.

Then, while J. Lo was gearing up for leg extensions, Rodriguez walked over to her and said, "Marry me" (while holding one of J. Lo's signature bedazzled cups, no less). Of course, the couple is already engaged—but J. Lo said "yes" anyway.

These two seriously take #couplegoals to a whole other level. If you find yourself watching their workout videos on repeat, you have to check out A-Rod and J. Lo's partnership with Fitplan. The personal training app offers videos, nutrition advice, workouts, and more from fitness experts like A-Rod, as well as pros like Michelle Lewin, Katie Crewe, Cam Speck, and more. If you're curious, A-Rod's workout plan on the app offers a 70-day commitment with four 40-minute workouts per week.

That said, getting all the goods on Fitplan will set you back $6.99 a month. If you're looking for more affordable workouts to do with your partner, be sure to check out this total-body routine for couples that'll help you strengthen your muscles and your relationship.


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