From her couple workouts with A-Rod, to her recent pole dancing session, here are J. Lo's most inspiring fitness moments.

By Renee Cherry
March 04, 2019
Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez seems like she was born to excel in everything (singing, dancing, *and* acting?!)-and her fitness talents are no exception. Lopez likes to include a variety of workouts in her routine, including lifting, boxing, dancing, yoga. Any time she shares a look at her workouts with fans, they're nothing short of impressive.

If you're in need of fresh motivation to hit the gym or tackle a new fitness challenge, then you've come to the right place. Here are J. Lo's best fitness moments of all time. (Related: Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Abs In a Gym Selfie to Celebrate Her Birthday)

1. When she and A-Rod crushed a couple's workout

Lopez and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez are quite possibly our favorite fit couple. And since they post plenty of footage to Instagram of their workouts together we always have plenty of couple fitspo. On January 1, A-Rod posted a video from the couple's recent upper-body session, and they clearly weren't wasting any time at the start of 2019.

2. When she posted this 10-day challenge teaser

ICYMI, J. Lo and A-Rod recently took on a 10-day challenge of avoiding sugar and all other carbs. They announced the 10-day diet with a video on Instagram, complete with a Rolls Royce, slow-mo gym footage, and A-Rod dancing like a dad.

3. When the Rock was her workout buddy

We geeked out back when Lopez and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson completed a workout session together. Given how serious they both are about working out, it seemed like the perfect swolemate matchup. The gym must've been on fire that day. (Related: I Worked Out Like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for 3 Weeks)

4. When she pole danced to train for a role

For her upcoming role in the film Hustler, J. Lo is playing a stripper, so she's been learning to pole dance. Even given her dancing skills and strength, she found it challenging. "It's much more difficult than [professional dancing]," she said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "It's, like, acrobatic. It's different muscle groups and the things they do with their legs, upside down, I'm like, 'What? I can't… hold on." (Related: How to Dress Like Jennifer Lopez at the Gym)

5. When she shot her I'm Glad music video

For the music video to her song I'm Glad, J. Lo wanted to remake scenes from Flashdance. She went so hard, she ended up injured while filming the scene. "I was SO into it in one setup, I was doing the MOST, dancing so hard that I threw out my neck!!" she wrote on Instagram. They had to stop production for 10 days, but the video still ended up being epic. Talk about dedication.

6. When she completed a triathlon

In 2008, Lopez completed her first triathlon to raise money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles. It was six months after she had given birth to twins and she found the swimming portion particularly challenging, but she successfully finished in 2 hours, 23 minutes, and 28 seconds. Take that as motivation to take on a new fitness challenge in 2019.

7. When she had this 'Superwoman' moment

We all got tickets to the gun show after one of J. Lo's recent Las Vegas performances. The Limitless singer posted a photo of herself flexing, writing that she was feeling like superwoman after the show. "When I started this run I thought omg 15 shows in 27 days that's a lot," she wrote in her caption. "But I made a promise to myself that instead of letting it wear me down I would be even stronger at the end of it…I will work out and be in the best shape of my life…" Looks like it worked.