Before she changed into her dress and hit up hair and makeup, Lopez fit in a gym session.

By Renee Cherry
January 06, 2020
Credit: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez showed up to this year's Golden Globes in a massive braided bun and dress that made her resemble the gift that she is. Naturally, she had a full glam squad helping her achieve the look. But part of her preparation for the awards show actually took place at the gym: J. Lo went for a morning workout before the Golden Globes, seemingly to shake off some red-carpet nerves. (Related: Jennifer Lopez Just Showed Off Her Incredible Muscles—and We Can't Even)

In a series of Instagram Stories, J. Lo's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez shared that Lopez had made a last-minute decision to fit in a workout on Sunday morning, hours before the couple attended the awards show. Apparently J. Lo even woke A-Rod up that day so he could join her at the gym, wrote Rodriguez.

"Jen is a littl nervous today," A-Rod wrote alongside a photo of her on his Instagram Story. "She got me up at 8 am and said, let's go f** train!! I said 'it's Sunday babe, we have football games' She said, 'let's go' So I went." (Related: A-Rod Asked Jennifer Lopez to Marry Him (Again) In a Cute New Workout Video)

Credit: Instagram/@arod

A-Rod also shared a video from the workout, and by the looks of it, J. Lo was up to her usual (read: highly impressive strength training). In the video, she's seen doing kneeling wide-grip lat pull-downs using two sides of a cable machine. The move works the latissimus dorsi muscle, which can help create the tapered "V" shape from the shoulders to the waist, Nick Poulin, certified trainer and CEO/founder of Poulin Health & Wellness in New York City, previously told us. (Related: Jennifer Lopez Revealed She Felt Insecure While Filming *That* 'Hustlers' Scene)

BTW, Lopez didn't look any less stylish than usual at the gym, despite the last-minute decision to work out. She wore a couple of pieces from her extensive Niyama Sol collection (specifically the Criss Cross Sports Bra and Icy Hot High-Waisted Leggings) with a pair of The Kooples x Slick Woods High-Top Sneakers. (Related: Jennifer Lopez Loves These Leggings So Much, She Has Them In Three Different Colors)

Also, FWIW, Lopez's instinct to "go f** train" when she felt nervous checks out. Working out releases chemicals in the brain that can make you feel calmer and happier, and research even suggests that pushing your limits during exercise might improve your ability to stay calm under pressure in situations outside the gym.

In other words, if you're feeling antsy before a big event, maybe consider pulling a J. Lo.


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