Jennifer Lopez Shared the Most Dramatic Video of Herself Working Out In Slow-Mo

Lopez shared a look at her recent workout on Instagram, and her personalized workout gear was on full display.

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It'd be hard to find a home workout setup that rivals that of Jennifer Lopez, who just gave a glimpse of a recent sweat session on Instagram. True to form, Lopez included multiple camera angles and slow-mo shots aplenty, setting the clip to a TELYKast remix of her song, "On My Way (Marry Me)" from her upcoming movie Marry Me.

"#OnMyWay to a better me ✨ 💪 #WorkoutWednesday," the multi-hyphenate captioned the video, which racked up six million views in a matter of hours. In the clip, the Lopez tackles an upper-body session that looks intense. (

First she does some biceps curls then completes reverse crunches on a bench. A reverse crunch targets your lower abs and and your hits your transverse abdominis (the innermost abdominal muscle) more so than traditional crunches. Lopez also fits in some lateral raises, which target your shoulders, and cable machine chest flys, which work your chest and shoulders. (

Being J.Lo, she stays hydrated with off one of her many bling cups covered in crystals — this one is branded with Coach's signature print, as Lopez has been a face of the fashion brand since 2019. Adding another layer of personalized gear, Lopez appears to be working out with a set of custom dumbbells that have "J. Lo" etched into them. (Iconic.)

While Lopez hasn't yet released a line of bedazzled cups or gym equipment, you can easily copy the singer's workout getup. Lopez donned the Alo Yoga Lavish Bra (Buy It, $58, along with a pair of high-waisted black leggings. It appears that she topped the look off with her beloved chunky sneakers, a limited-edition pair from The Kooples in collaboration with Slick Woods. While the exact pair Lopez loves is out of stock, you can score a similar white, black, and green version (Buy It, $128, or a black and green version (Buy It, $160,, with limited sizes left in each design. (

Whether or not you decide to copy Lopez's fitness gear or try out her intense upper-body moves, you can always channel her #WorkoutWednesday energy when you're attacking your own workout goals.

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