You'll want to steal their push-ups.

By By Renee Cherry
Photo: Getty Images/Kevin Mazur

There are few things we love more than a couple bonding over a shared love of fitness, but Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are taking #fitcouplegoals to a whole new level. The former shortstop posted an Instagram video where he's doing weighted sit-ups, Russian twists, and elevated push-ups with girlfriend J.Lo (dance break included, naturally). "Omg! Lol... we're silly," Lopez commented on the video.

The also two tackled a boxing workout at Rodriguez's UFC gym in Miami earlier this week. (Here's a partner boxing workout you can try with your bae.) And it seems to be working; in case you haven't noticed, J.Lo's still got those enviable abs.

If you want to strengthen your own relationship with a workout for two, check out our total-body routine for couples. And no, you don't need to be romantically involved to benefit from sweating with a partner. Here's why having a workout buddy is the best thing ever.


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